Past Episodes

The following are topics or reviews I have completed if you would like to know when I'm going to review email me.

History of Warcraft Podcasting Interviews
*Asros of Taverncast!
*BGO of 5 WoW Things!
*Bill of the Middlefinger Podcast & Gchat!
*Brian Hough of Raid Warning, The Creep and GRP!
*Bryce Erwin of Taverncast!
*Bryterside of Stopcast!
*Ceraphus of The Sundering!
*Cold of Auction House Junkies and The Eviscerated Gaming Podcast!
*Elly of the Elunes Grace Podcast
*Emperor1G of The Emperor's Court!
*Leala Turkey of Epic Dolls!
*Medros of All Things Azeroth, Midweek Review, and Know your Role Part 1 
*Octale of Octale and Hordack vs the World, Show X, and One Dumb Jock!
*Ophelie & Oestrus of the Double O Podcast!
*Pride of But Wait! There's lore!
*Rich Fisher of Horde for Life!
*Roger of WoW Dawgs & For the Lore!  
*Rustee of Ready Check & The Slash /2 Podcast Part 1
 *Rustee of Ready Check & The Slash /2 Podcast Part 2
*Steve Hamner and David Sanna of The Grind, Inside Azeroth, and Liquid WoW!
*Shawn Coons of How I WoW & The Instance
*UncleThursday of World of Podcast!
*Walsh of The Darkmoon Herald and The P.O.W. W.O.W Podcast! 
*Wemb of Bind on Equip!

Friday Morning Series
*Episode 1/Episode 82
*Episode 2/Episode 86

*Day of the Dragon
*Lord of the Clans
*The Last Guardian
*Thrall: Twilight of the Aspects
* Jaina Proudmoore: Tides of War

*Pearl of Pandaria
*World of Warcraft - The Comic Volume 1
-Part 1
-Part 2 
*World of Warcraft - The Comic Volume 2
-Part 1
-Part 2

*The Sunwell Trilogy
-Part 1
-Part 2
-Part 3
-Part 4
*Warcraft Legends: Volume 1
-The Journey
-How to Win Friends
-An Honest Trade
*Warcraft Legends: Volume 2
-Miles to Go
*Warcraft Legends: Volume 3
-I Got What Yule Need
*Warcraft Legends: Volume 5
-A Cleansing Fire

Web Short stories
*Charge of the Aspects
*Edge of Night
*Fire and Iron

RPG Short stories
*Dungeons & Dragons Warcraft The Roleplaying Game
-Hellak Darkhorn
-The Battle of Oakwidow
-The Blademaster Redjaw
-Ancients of Ashenvale
-Book of Khadgar 

*Dark Factions
Coming to Pandaria

Art Books Letters
*Legacy of Destruction
*The End Of All Things
*A Changing World
*Lorna Crowley 
*Message in a bottle
*Mysteries In The Sands
*Forgotten Depths

Miscellaneous Reviews
*Crusade Other Voices Volume 2
*Diablo: Moon of the Spider
*Diablo 3: The Order
*Mass Effect 3
*Mass Effect: Deception
*Mass Effect: Revelation 
*Starcraft 2 Flashpoint