This blog and podcast are here because of my love and frustration with Warcraft lore.

I've been playing World of Warcraft on and off since early 2005. Originally as a Dwarf hunter, later became a Troll Mage, later a Tauren Druid, and of late I spend most of my time playing a Troll Death Knight.

On personal level I struggle with learning disability that effects my ability to write. With the help of my wife and Marathanes I'm able to have them look at my work and point out errors I wouldn't otherwise see. My brain likes to skip words, substitute the wrong word and often spell things wrong 'it' and 'is' 'do' and 'to' for example. 'Very' and 'never' would be another example of my problem. Over the years I have gotten better at spotting these misteaks but from time to time I'll look at post that I think is ok then post it and come back a week later and wonder how anyone can read the darn thing. So I ask you bare with me. My wife and Marathanes are good but I'm a fair bit of trouble.

When not playing World of Warcraft I enjoy woodworking, gardening and reading. Nothing overly remarkable but I like it.

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Original intro music

37Hz, by "1979"
Current Intro music:
Alain Galarneau,  Drop the Gun
Outro Music:
Diana McCorry, "I Blame You! (for the smile upon my face,"

Warcraft Archive Music
John Gilliat, Djangorias

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