Monday, March 11, 2013

Warcraft Podcast activity report for March 2013

*Congratulations to Ceraphus of the Sundering on the announcement that his wife is expecting. I hope its a smooth pregnancy and that Ceraphus can find a way to fill his Bacon Fix
*Clock Work Riot Litecast is Not Dead after all
*Nekros has joined But Wait there's Lore
 *The Wowpedia Podcasting page is fully updated once again.

5 WoW Things turns two on March 3rd
My Epic Heals turns two on March 11th
Darkmoon Herald turns one on March 21st
The Starting Zone turned four on March 25th

Warcraft Podcast Milestones for February
25 episodes
MegaMinute had its 25th episode January 24, 2013
Gchat had its 25th episode on February 2, 2013
Warcraft Trolls had its 25th episode on February 12, 2013

50 episodes
Vote2Kick had its 50th episode on February 14, 2013
The Starting Zone had its 50th episode February 20, 2013

175 episodes
The Mana Cooler had its 175th episode on February 13, 2013

Dead Podcasts and inactive Podcasts

Updated Links

New Podcasts

If you are looking for a complete list of Warcraft Podcasts you should check out Wowpedia Podcasting page. Also check out WoW Podcast reddit page to see the newest episodes. 

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