Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Episode 87: Interview with Pride of But Wait! There's Lore

Started on May 9th, 2009, on WoW Radio, But Wait! There's Lore is the longest continuously active Warcraft Lore podcast. Following the end WoW Radio in January of 2010, But Wait! There’s Lore became a youtube podcast, broadcasting live on Nordrassil radio.  

Pride, the owner and creator of But Wait! There's Lore has been with the show since the beginning. During our interview, Pride talks about getting his start in internet radio as a Naruto forum troll. 

After getting his feet wet there, Pride talks about joining the Scrolls of Lore community and applying to WoW radio to fill their spot for a lore podcast.
Pride and I talks about how our perspective of the lore has changed from outsiders to someone that does it for podcast, as well as our thoughts on the books, other lore podcasts, Pride's Illidan theory, and Chris Metzen.

Pride talks is great detail about the end of WoW radio, finding out at Blizzcon 2009, and the meeting with Athalus that would lead to Athalus becoming CEO of We talk about the rise and fall of OMFG. Pride’s perspective on Emperor being fired form OMFG and how that affected OMFG, how shows were handled, and the lessons learned from that time.
Finally we talk about Pride’s move to Youtube, working with Jesse Cox, and Prides long term goals.

Its a fun interview and I think you will all enjoy it.
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