Monday, February 25, 2013

Warcraft Podcast activity report for February 2013

Liquid WoW Has come to an end

Birthdays for February
Something Suggestive turned one on February 1st
Oulandish Podcast turned four on February 4th
Vote 2 Kick turned one on February 7th
Hearthcast turned four on February 17th
Blight Night turned one on February 22nd

Warcraft Podcast Milestones that happened in January

slash/grats had its 25th episode on January 25th, 2013



Outlandish Podcast had its 225th episode on January 28, 2013

WoW Insider Show had its 275th episode on January 2, 2013

Dead Podcasts and inactive Podcasts
Essence of RP

Non-English Podcast update
Moved to inactive
Le Clair'Mag Jul 2011
Le Père Bugli April 2011
WoW-MP News June 2011
WoWTaku April 2012
1 Hit May 2011
NATION SHOW August 2011
Shen Fm November 2011

Updated Links 1

Updated Links 2

New Podcasts

Still doing some updates to the Wowpedia podcasting if your interested in helping I would be happy to have it. All podcasts can be found at

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  1. Thanks for including my podcast, WoW Pet Battle Crew :) I'm having a blast with it so far and looking forward to trying out new teams!