Thursday, February 14, 2013

Episode 84: Reivew of Starcraft II: Flashpoint

This week I'm joined by Emperor of the Emperor's Court, and we review the newest Starcraft II Novel Flashpoint by Christie Golden. We talk about the books failings and what we didn't enjoy about it.

After that we talk about John Ringo and the first for books of the Posleen war. We end the show talking about the Dune books old and new, as well as the hero's journey and Enders Game and loaning out books. See Lulu.

All and all it was a fun talk and its always a pleasure to have Emp on the show.


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  1. Seems like the guest came into it incredibly biased against it.

    There's benefit to have a story that fills in gaps, as opposed to Warhammer, where it takes place in the far future so the story can basically do whatever it wants. Games Workshop also isn't pumping out expansions and/or games that they need to strictly stick the lore to.

    The guest notes that nothing in the book will affect the next game. This is not true. The entire part with Dr. Narud at the end of the book is largely absent from WoL.

    And then, he makes a point of saying he wished he could play the new game and say "What happened to this character?"

    This is impractical from a video game storytelling purpose. If Blizzard did this, you'd have the fans coming out saying they don't want to have to read the book for the lore. So Blizzard essentially can't win.

    It's a filler book, that's the point of it. Knocking it for being a filler book is pretty silly.

  2. I think Emp expected more from the book. Whether that is right or wrong I guess is a matter of option. Personally have read a fair bit of Miss Goldens books I would say this book is on the weak. If that is because of Blizzard or because of the fault of the author I can not say. The book just wasn't very fulling to me. If might have been for you Anon and that is good. It just wasn't for me or Emp.

    As to you point about people not wanting the read lore of there games in goods that is true. But the book still has to stand on its own at least to some degree and I think that is biggest failing of Flashpoint. Falling back on Wol and Devils Due just make the book seem less impressive.

    If you want to record your thoughts and send them In I would be happy to play them.

    Thanks for commenting, come back again!