Friday, February 8, 2013

Episode 83: Interview with Ceraphus of The Sundering Podcast

This week I'm joined by Ceraphus of The Sundering Podcast. Started on July 25, 2010 the Sundering was a project to recreate their guild chat.

During this interview we talk about Ceraphus love of Bacon, why they named the podcast the sundering, How standards for yourself and your podcast change over time. How Cataclysm changed a lot of podcasts, The Sundering being therapy for listeners and other podcasters, Blizzcon, what blizzard did wrong in Cataclysm, expansion races, daily quests, how he assembled this co-hosts, podcast flow, what drive Ceraphus to do a podcast each week.
Episode 99 and Jim and Xias crush, how to handle land mark episodes, after mists, will we be giving our podcasts to our children, Google drive, recording skype calls, and much much more.


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The photo at the top of the post is the work of my friend Scott who has been kind enough to give me permission to use his images on this blog. If you would like hi-res prints or would like to see his other works you can find them here.    

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