Monday, August 27, 2012

Episode 61: Interview with David Sanna & Steve Hamner of Insider Azeroth!

Have you ever wondered whatever happened to David Sanna? This week we bring back together the two original hosts of Inside Azeroth, David Sanna and Steve Hamner. We talk about everything from their first podcast The Grind, the Rage ID quit, to Steve Liquid Empire.

Rants are back!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I'm Sorry

I'm writing to say that I have pulled Episode 60 from the Grand Old Podcast feed. I did this because numerous interactions with people mentioned in this show led me to believe that much of what was said was the opinion of my guest, Leto. While Leto has the right to his opinion, the point of the interview was to talk about the History of Warcraft podcasting, and I feel this episode has gone far afield of that goal.

Grand Old Podcast is my podcast and take responsibility for everything said on it. To all those who have written in to express their anger and disappointment with this interview, I sincerely apologize and will make sure to alter how I conduit interviews in the future.


Grand Old Podcast

Episode 60: Interview with Leto of the Leto of Ancient of Lore, and The Council of Six

Update: I have decided to pull down this episode you can see why here. To that end I'm exercing my copyright and no one may repost Episode 60 of Grand Old Podcast without my express consent.

This week it’s my pleasure to welcome Dan Hahn aka Leto of such WCRadio Shows as Townhall, The Ancient of Lore, and the Weekend Report. He has also done podcasts like The Counsel of Six, Bites and Booze and The Rob and Dan Show. This is the ninth interview in my history of Warcraft podcasting series.

This is a long interview kids where we cover everything from why Leto thinks WCRadio fell apart, trying to make podcasting a business, and why the lore of Warcraft makes Leto rage. This also includes his thoughts on Totalbiscuit, Emperor1g, Turpster, and many others he worked with over the years.

I hope everyone enjoys it, and I welcome your feedback


1. Leto’s Townhall archive

2. Ancient of Lore

3. The Weekend report

4. The Council of Six

5. The Rob and Dan Show

6. Leto’s Twitter

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Episode 59: The tide is coming

Time for August episode of Grand Old Podcast where we talk about Warcraft Podcasts
Podcasts and milestones for August
*Wow TCG Pittsburgh Podcast turns one on August 3rd
*The Addicted turns three on August 4th
*Hunting Party Podcast turns three on August 12th
*Casually Hardcore turns five on August 16th
Fifty Episodes
*Lore Stories had its 50th episode on June 15th(sorry I missed you guys last month)
Seventy-five episodes
One Hundred and Fifty Episodes
Two Hundred and Fifty Episodes
Three hundred episodes
Dead Podcasts
Update your feeds
New Podcasts

Make sure to check out the Wowpedia podcasting page.
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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Episode 58: Interview with Brian Hough of Raid Warning & Galactic Public Radio!

This week it is my great pleasure to welcome Brian Hough of Raid Warning, The Other Guys, The Creep, and Galactic Public Radio to the show. This is the eighth interview in the History of Warcraft Podcasting Series.
We talking about everything from Azeroth United to the Brains love of football. If there was an ax to grind, it found its mark it this show. I hope you all enjoy it. We did.
Should also be noted that a few days before this episodes went live Brain decided he will be retiring from podcasting. I wish want to wish Brain luck in whatever he does. I want to thank him for letting me join the final Episode of GPR it was ball. Brain is a great podcaster and the community is lessened. Godspeed =)
Brian Hough – Lost in Pixelation