Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thursday Video Game Music for March 29, 2012

I was listening to the Massively Podcast as I am want to do on Tuesdays/Wednesday. And Justin mentioned the Music in Runes of Magic. So I figured might try to find some.

I have to say it doesn't disappoint. This track has a almost Game of Thrones feel. I like it.


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mogu'shan Vaults

Mogu'shan Vaults AKA Mogu Raid

I was doing a bit of digging for my next podcast where I talk about the new lore in Warcraft we have found out since the press event. So far is less than you might expect. Since we found out so much at Blizzcon. But slowly new story information is coming. One of those new things is Mogu'shan Vaults. This place is huge and we still know so little about it. This video also leaves me wanting for something other than Siege of Orgmar to be the end of the MoP xpac. It feels off message you have all this great art and music and how to you follow it up. With raid in black and orange city? doesn't feel right. I mean it wasn't so long ago blizzard didn't put out a raid because "fire and water themes felt wrong." This seems to be wrong in the same way. Give me Mistgard and last Emperor and I shall be happy.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mantid Raid

I shared this with a few people last night but I thought I would make a post about it. In the Towering Steps or Mantid with have a raid. Honestly this is the first thing to really get me interested in MoP. The Art is the great, the music is great. But Honestly I expect that. Almost any Game can do go art and music. But story I'm all about the story. And non of the hook aside from some of the troll stuff has really got me longing to play this game.

However the Mantid play to best parts of classic World of Warcraft. The build up of the Slithid storyline. Coming to a head with the War effort. There is a reason its still one of the most talked about events in the History of WoW is because you felt the build up to it almost from the start of the game. Where Nurblians in Northred never felt complete. Just a side note in a war below the ground we didn't get to see. I hope some day we do. But I doubt it.

So Mantid Raid is giant tree. I love that because bit trees are so important in Warcraft. I have big hopes for the story here. This video shows just how much work is left to do but I have hope.


Thursday, March 22, 2012


So anyone following the Blog and podcast will have noticed a mark decrease in actively in the last month for that I'm sorry. I'll be honest right now WoW is not grabing me in any meaningful way. Spring on the other hand has my full attention.

So what does this mean for the podcast? Well honestly I'm thinking very strongly about hanging up the podcasting gloves for a while. While I know there are a great many people that enjoy my blog and Podcast. Its just not a priority for me right now. I have a few more episodes I plan to get out before I take a break. So fear not, but know its coming and when it does I'll most likely be changing my feed for a while.

But fear not this isn't end. I would rather be honest with the people that listen and follow this podcast than slow podfade out of view.

And I plan to keep writing Its just going to be scaled back a bit. I would like to get my classes and my 5 month old figured out and not put a bad podcast because I'm always tired or feel I have to do a podcast/need to do a podcast rather than wanting to do it.

The other part of this might be finding a regular co-host I have found I much rather to shows with someone rather than solo. Its not that I can't do shows solo but rather my personal enjoyment is higher. We will see. A lot of things in the air sorry again for the rabbling nature of this. But I felt it was time to air my thoughts and let people know whats going on.


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Episode 41- Mass Effect: Deception

This week I come back a from a long break. With a review of the newest Mass Effect Novel Deception by William C. Dietz. If your looking for me to say nice things about something this is not the podcast for you. But its still clean.

*Deception errors
*BioWares responce to the errors.

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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thrusday Video Game Music for March 8th, 2012

In the most anticipated game since Skyrim. Mass Effect 3 is one of those game everyone wants. I've been looking for the offical Sound track to show up on youtube for a while now. But most of what I get are just people reposting old junk as Mass Effect 3. Now that the game is out and people can rip open the game files, all that has changed. Listening threw it most of its kinda meh to be honest but that also true of Mass Effect 1 and 2 as well. The tracks I liked, I really liked, and everything else was kinda just filler. Its hard to make every track a winner.

Here is one that stands out to me "A Future for the Krogan." Its strongly based on the main theme of the game but has some sprite of its own.


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I know you, Ghost Griffon!

Tuesdays are quickly becomes the day of the week that takes the most out of me. So, when I got home tonight I see the new revamped Scroll of Resurrection is out. I like the Scroll of Resurrection program, other than for all of Wrath if would only work on accounts with the Burning Crusade or lower which made no sense. Also in the past SoR have only worked once per account(of which its not clear if they reset that or not). There are many reasons this is a cool deal but the one that seems to be getting all the press are the new mounts. The Sparkle Griffin and Stars the Wind riders.

I seen this Griffin and I was like. I know you. You've been in the game since patch 1.12. In fact if you have ever died in Storm peaks you also know this mount as well.

So, here is the story back in the Original wow Blizzard took its first go and recreating "world PvP"(yeah I know) with the Sand lol in Silithus and "The game of towers" in the Eastern Plaguelands, which turned the four existing towers into captureable PvP points. Thing is no one did it, in fact most of the time when you did the quest you wouldn't see anyone else.

Why all this matters is, when you captured the Plaguewood Tower it would open up a Spectral gryphon that would send you on a one way trip to the any of other towers. Not bad. Not really overly useful but not bad. So, I guess I just find it funny that people are is such a hurry to get a mount that has basically been in the game for five and a half years. Yeah it doesn't have the cool stars on the inside. But it really does make you wonder. Are most Warcraft players you see with this mount are really all closet Twilight fans?

I leave you with screenshot of Sayomara flying by the original Naxx on the Spectral gryphon. And no Scroll of Resurrection can ever recreate this screenshot.
I remember Naxxramas was crazy to me flying so close by. As you flew by Naxxramas had a huge scale. To say nothing of how creepy it was, you almost expected some undead gargoyles to comes out of the skies and grab you.

The mood and scale was something that sadly didn't move the Northred with Naxx.

LinkIts strange to look back some times.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Warcraft Podcasting Milestones for March 2012

March starts out with sorrow and joy for me so lets hope it goes out quite and without comment. So rather than focus on yesterday lets talk about Warcraft podcasts and hows going to be having birthdays this month.

*5 WoW Things turns One on the 3rd
*Wowchohol turns Two on the 1oth
*My Epic Heals turns One on the 11th
*The Starting Zone turns Three on the 25th
*Lorecast turns Two on the 26th

Podcasting Milestones which have happened in the last month
Twenty-five episodes
*Auction House Junkies hit episode 25 on Feb 19, 2012
*Team Waffle Podcast hit episode 25 on Feb 15, 2012
*The Overlores hit episode 25 on Feb 23, 2012

Fifty episodes
*Blessing of Frost hit episode 50 on Feb 11, 2012
*The Leetssauced Podcast hit episode 50 on Feb 11, 2012

One Hundred and Fifty
*The Rawrcast Show hit episode 150 on Feb26, 2012

Two Hundred
*Casually Hardcore hit episode 200 on Feb 20, 2012

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Its about the falling action

Hello everyone, Been a while since I sat down and wrote a real post and itch has been sracting at me. I've been reading about the voice acting and storytelling in Star War: The Old Republic and its gotten me thinking what is it that I really don't like about the storytelling is World of Warcraft? This isn't one thing, and lets be clear I do like the story of Warcraft but the in game story telling just doesn't sit right for me anymore.

This really came to a head a few weeks ago on the Massively Podcast when a comment was made that World of Warcraft story doesn't it take itself very seriously. Now this is a comment from someone who isn't a huge fan of World of Warcraft but its also important that as fan often we can't see the forest for the tree. I can't be 100% objective on this I'm just to close to it. But there is a degree of truth here that much of the World of Warcraft storytelling is silly, filled with poop jokes and pop culture referances so in that regard I would agree Blizzard doesn't take the story very serrously all the time.

However on the other hand you can't Worgen or Death Knight starting zones aren't serious stories, yes they are more single player RPG's than MMO but from a story point of view its a dark story not unlike many modern fanticy novels. But here is lies the problem when the game does its strongest storytelling as a single player RPG you expect it to act like a single player RPG i.e. you have story resolution.

No where inside or out of the game of Warcraft will you find the story of what is currnetly going on with Worgen of Gilneas or the Death Knights of The Ebon Blade. Both are still around most likely playing a key role in the world but those stories are now lost to the larger game. Killing the Lich King didn't tell you Death Knights of The Ebon Blade personally charged by the Lich King to destory Scarlet Onclaves and attack Lights Hope Chapel how your story would end or keep going its not addressed at all.

Its in this lack of falling action that I feel World of Warcraft fails the most. Many of you might have guessed I'm a Huge Babylon 5 fan, hands down best show ever made, but one of the reasons I love it so much is for the falling action of the final season. Yes there is action all the way to the end but you can feel the strings being tied up and story slowly working itself to a place of rest.

In my next article I'll look at a random cata Dungen

Thursday, March 1, 2012

End of the Global Writing Contest

It seems that Blizzard is quietly putting an end to the Global Writing Contest. A great shame. The Global Writing Contest give us Sarah Pine. Who is writing a number of short stories for Mists and also wrote Heart of War about Garrosh Hellscream. In fact In the shadow of the Sun was originally a Global Writing contest entry.

When I was creating my master review list of Warcraft literature to review many of the global writing contest winners and runners up were on the list to get to in time. I still plan to do this but that is a long way off.

So go back and look at some of the past winners and remember what was great about it and hope with me that someday it will come back.

Thursday Video Game Music for March 1, 2012

I hope everyone have a good leap day yesterday. For this weeks Video game music we are going back to Final Fantasy 4 and one of its best songs "Into the Darkness." Its crazy to think this getting near 2o years old but its still amazing.

I hope you all enjoy it