Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I have been really busy of late, and never enough sleep but two guys have been a huge help in both keeping me motivated, and letting me know that their are people out there that enjoy what I do. For that I can't thank Al and Ormi enough.

But what I can do I send you all to there respective blogs =)

First Al, he writes the blog the Fighting Coin. He talks about gold making, some others games, a bit about himself. Its a good blog if you aren't following it you should be. I'll be honest your questions and interests has been a just needed distraction from the craziness that I deal with the other 90% of the time. That is no to say I feel my life is overly hard I love my wife and Dread Pirate but Warcraft part of my life has become more and more meh in the last few weeks. I think its that end of expansion malaise setting in.

I also want to highlight Al great trasmog set one of the better looking worgen you going to run into.

The other guy that has been helping me out a ton is Ormi. He just stated writing a blog called The Sanctuary. He as only written a few article but he could put most bloggers to shame including me. This posts are in-dept they are detailed. His one lore post could beat anything that has shown up on WoW Insider in the last two years. Its really that good. Personally Ormi offered to help with the podcast something I hope to take him up on once I get past this current knot of madness.

On the right you will see Ormi rocking his goblin in Cystalsong Forest which honestly is a great zone for pictures like this one.

Speaking frankly, I want to have both these guys on the Podcasts sooner rather later so keep your ears to the ground and I hope I can share more about these two great guys in the near future. I don't feel like I'm doing either of these guys justice but I do like both there blogs and think they are of value. So, follow them on twitter and say hi when you see them in mornings.

Back to the madness of my life.


Sunday, February 26, 2012

Episode 40 - Expansion ideas for after Mists

I'm not the greatest writer in the world, have a learning disability in written language often limits me. I do my best to over come it on my own but there were just some thinks I wasn't able to get across in Fridays article Heart of Elune, which had my ideas for a Warcraft expansion. So rather than do my normal show I decided to talk about my idea. Still not sure how well it came across. But this is a idea which a I would love to see even if I honestly never expect it to come to pass.

I would love to hear everyone's thought's


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Friday, February 24, 2012

Heart of Elune

One of my favorite, and one of the least talked about subjects in Warcraft, is the Moons of Azeroth, The White Lady and the Blue Child. We know very little about each. The White Lady is normally associated with Elune by Night Elves. Tauren see the White Lady as the left eye of the Earthmother. What if there is more to these celestial bodies than just empty rocks orbiting Azeroth?

I was listening to episode 35 of Group Quest when they started talking about the
Cdev answer to the ‘Is Elune a Naaru?’ question. Blizzard’s basic answer was yes, but, a.) the Night elves don't want to think about that, and b.) that maybe Elune is why the Draenei knew to come to Azeroth. Now if you’re a being of great power that wanted to watch a planet from a distance but also wants to be able to help out from time to time, what would you do? You would leave a satellite in orbit. Take that with the fact that in the real world a large moon in relative size to a planet they orbit are fairly uncommon. So, what is to say that the whole moon isn’t a Titian construct?

The fact is that over the long term an object like the Blue Child is unlikely to stay in a stable orbit (it will most likely be shot back into space or crash into Azeroth). With these facts, then you have the beginning of something big. If one or both of Azeroth’s Moons were created by the Titans they might have
other purposes other than creating tides, and if Elune is a Narru and has taken up residence on The White Lady, who is to say she is the only one?

We have seen that the
moons of Azeroth have power. At the moment of embrace, when Blue Child passes in front of White Lady, the Titans gave the five original aspects their powers, or so legend says (T:TotA). We know for a fact that it’s a very regular occurrence happening every few hundred years. Once again, this is not something you would expect to be stable over thousands of years. However, even if there is no truth about the moons and the legend of the original five aspects reserving their powers during the embrace of the moons, which seems unlikely, we have seen the power of the blue dragon flight transferred to Kalecgos during the moon’s embrace. This at the very least suggests the moons are somehow important to the Titian's plans, even if only as a clock.

The other cool idea I have is that often when people talk about the
Emerald Dream, they talk about it as the back up copy to Azeroth (WotA). However, if you back up your computer, do you normally keep it on your main hard drive? No, you put it on disk or another hard drive. What if one of the moons, say the Blue Child, is the back up to the Emerald Dream and Azeroth for that matter? Maybe the Titans kept this copy off the main drive because they knew at some point their back up to the Emerald Dream that we know might get corrupted, and they can use this copy to restore it to the system.

You want to talk about an epic quest--going to the Moons of Azeroth to recover and save the Emerald Dream, fighting off Titian defenses but not corrupted ones. These work fine, but they will see us the players as the corrupt ones.

The next idea I have deals with Algalon and where we should meet him next. Algalon makes me think there might be at least something to this. In Warcraft comics special issue ,we see Algalon watching the world of Azeroth. Now he could be doing this anywhere or from any number of Titan strongholds, but if these moons were created by the Titans, what better place for a guy made out of stars to hang out than on a moon in space?

The last thing I want to talk about is that
Goblin Rocket ship in Area 52. What became of that? Wouldn’t it be cool if we could get to these lands and then we had to ride a goblin rocket to the moon?

The whole idea is craziness and I don’t expect any of it to come to pass, but I thought I would put it out there for you all to judge my ideas for the next expansion.


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thursday Video Game Music for 2/23/12

I like so many people am waiting on pin and needle for Mass Effect 3 to come on on March 6. Long time readers of this blog will remember the very first formal non Twitter Thursday Video Game Music was Mass Effect 2. While I'm sure Mass Effect 3 will pull me away from Warcraft the game don't worry about it pulling me away from the podcast in fact I've got bonus episode in the works to review the most resent Mass effect novel Deception. So keep your eyes out for that.

This March 6th get here to til they elevator music from the original Mass Effect game.


Monday, February 20, 2012

Warcraft Lore Podcast list 2.0

I have a great love of Warcraft lore. Granted some days I enjoy it more than others but it makes me happy to know there are other people who share my passion for warcraft lore to such an exsent they to want to podcast about it. Thus I felt it was time to update my list of Warcarft Lore Podcasts.

But Wait! There's Lore was was originally a WoWradio Show. There original archive can be found here. New episodes are coming out live on at 14:00 EST on Fridays on Nordrassil Radio . And there archive is put out as OMFGcata channel on youtube. The orginally WoW Radio episodes can be found here.

ER L.O.R.E. This podcast is based out of hte Earthen Ring(US) servers role playing community. Its a mix of role playing and lore. But draws from the cast of the old Hearthstone Tavern RP podcast. Which is a big thumbs up for me.

Grand Old Podcast My Podcast focuses on reviewing the published works inside the Warcraft universe.

Illidarian Who has been doing Lore shorts for podcasts going back almost 5 years has her lore segments up on Thus one more source for lore.

Lorestories is basically a question answer lore show. The show will often take a figure in the lore and go into great detail about it.

Lore Whores, a new Warcraft lore show on youtube they are fun group of people and great joy to listen too.

The Overlores play through zones and talk about lore of those zone.

In the back our our dusty library
The Ancient of Lore an Old WoW Radio Show focusing on many of the lore issues back in 2005.

The Lorekeepers another old WoW Radio show went a bit deeper into WoW Lore.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Review of World of Warcraft:The Comic - Volume 2

My full review of World of Warcraft:The Comic - Volume 2 is out. With Part 1 is found here, and Part 2 which came out this week can be found here.

Hope you all enjoy it.


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Saturday, February 18, 2012


Its an intresting question which character is one's main. For most of the Catacysm I have played other characters My undead Priest, my troll Death Knight, my Night Elf Druid, my Troll Druid, my Tauren druid. Some are max level others aren't but the character that has been with me the longest in fact my second oldest character is my Troll mage Sayomara. But to be honest I haven't felt like this was main for any of Cataclysm sure I leveled him up to 85, but that was more a function habit and internal need to make sure that this character got to max level that it was any intention to play the character. I guess it goes back to that idea you don't abandon your friends and in World of Warcraft this Troll mage is my friend we have seen a lot together, and if it was gone honestly so would I be.

So, my time has been more limited since the Dread Pirate was Born the great folks over at Voilet Aphathy have been great and Twizz has been very supportive of my need for time off but I knew not long ago that I wasn't cutting it as a healer and I was holding the group back. So I cut myself off. That left me with an active wow account an Night Elf druid that really had progressed as much as he was little too. And me with server full of high level character that hadn't been touched in 12 months. I started with my Sighomara my before mentioned Tauren druid after Sayomara the Troll mage this character has seen the most with me. But he was just 80 and not wanting to leveling through the cata zone again I decided to level via Archaeology. Now in fairness this isn't as crazy as it sound and I did get a solid two levels before I decided to find something anything else to do.

Then love is in the air started and I had a reason to long into all my High level character again. And after fightly specing my mage to fire I realized how much fun DPS can be. Honestly having played a healer on and off since the Burning Crusade I have grown a bit tired of all the min maxing it take to be good at dps. Healing is just simpler. But as I played my mage more I desired to make this character look good I mean I have gear going back to Molten Core some of it most look good...yeah not so much if fact most of it is kinda lame. Take that with the fact they nerfed my orginal had it for six years Headmasters Charge. I love that staff but the model is all over the game not the least of which is one of the heirloom staffs. Now there are two other staffs I've really liked over the years The staff of shadow Flame from BWL and the Staff of Damnation from Naxx 25. Both look great. What I had forgotten is I had this craved gargole bone staff that also looks really cool. And so taking the path of least resistance I used the last option for my staff.

For a hat I really wanted to use a fidora but it didn't seem right for Sayomara the Troll mage but my old Eye of Flame part of my Molten Core FR year does seem like something a mage loremaster would wear. I have a purple cape from AQ 40 which goes very well in Daleran. And shoulders which are in fact the crafted pvp shoulders from my good friend Cowl. Last but not least is my chest I knew I wanted a vest of some kind but honestly simpler was better for this in my mind so that end I made Netherweave vest.

Its a simple outfit but I feel it who my character is. Now the most over the top just use what you need to get by. The last touch is his Gundrak hatchin who is quitely waiting for his master to finish his prep work for the next podcast.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Lore Stories

As many know I do my best to get get the word out about all the Podcasts in the World of Warcraft Podcasting community, and that one WoW TCG podcast. But Lore and story podcasts are very close to my heart for what I consider fairly clear reasons.

As part of Lore Stories one year birthday party and avoiding the Super Bowl spectacular I was invited on. Its a good show my audio isn't great but that shouldn't really surprise anyone now should it =p

Anyways check it out and give them some love.


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thursday Video Game Music for 2/16/2012

This week I have a bit of music from Soul Calibur 5. I was recently turned onto this sound track and have been enjoying it a lot.

Hope you all enjoy it

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Goblin Cooking

Honestly tell me that this guy isn't Bryterside or a goblin. Because nothing says goblin like cooking with a heat source that just as likely to cook you as it is to cook your meal.


Friday, February 10, 2012

Dead Podcast for Janurary

Casual Warcrafting- Sometime in December seem Casual Warcrafting went quite, and the site was gone. One of the last episodes talked about hosts getting in a car accident so I hope they are well.

LNN Podcast a small little podcast started in the wake of Blizzcon 2010, stop me if you have heard this one before. But they only put out three episodes over six months. That is not to say it was bad only that when you don't undated regularly your not likely keep your podcast alive.

Matticast, Podcast put out Matticus best know for his writing on WoW Insider on healing. This is a podcast that honestly has surprised me that has withered on the vine as much as it has. I mean if your going to put together podcast Matticus took his time and did it right, yet this podcast just never seemed to have the legs you would expect. There was word a while back that Matticast might come back at some point but that post was back in August and as the months pass that seems less and less likely.

Molsan Method Podcast, was a short form podcast that has slowly gone inactive. Molsan has given up wow and is now into the Star Wars. His blog is still very active.

WoW: While Servers Are Down, seems to be on a prolonged hiatus. There is a banner on there site saying at some point they will be back as Lagwar but nothing has come of that yet but if something comes up I'll be happy to tell you guys about it.

If you would like to find the complete list of Warcraft podcasts both Active and Inactive head over to Wowpedia.


Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thursday Video Game music for February 9, 2012

I like most rational and sane people that played video games in the 90's loved Chrono Trigger however when it comes to the games sequel Chrono Cross options are all over the board.

One thing that isn't in doubt is the qually of Chrono Cross's sound track. So for this Thursday in February I leave you with Lost Fragments which sure seems to fit my current mood.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

The greatest Lore rant in the world

I would like to share something with you all, I post on the Scrolls of Lore forums from time to time. I'm not a major member, I mostly lurk and add my two copper when I have something to say or ask. However I was going through thread called "Neutralization of racial themes has been equal" when I came across these two posts by ARM3481. Where he puts out some of the most rational well spoken arguments I have seen about Warcraft Lore in regard to factions balance in a long time. Read for yourself and see if you agree or not. This might not be the greatest lore rant but at the very least its a tribute to it.


Part 1

Oh, it's even worse than cheap "QQ". It's math. I don't know about anyone else, but few things grate on my nerves more than those who obsess over math and statistics when it isn't called for, which is ultimately what such complaints are, regardless of which faction they're coming from: attempts to make plot turns and twisted into a hollow statistical average of give-and-take in order to make a point.

Horde gets three of something, Alliance gets two, and Alliance fans freak out. Alliance gets four of something, Horde gets three, and Horde fans freak out. Neutrals get anything, and both sides throw a fit.

To make matters worse many such individuals claim such mathematical unfairness constitutes bad storytelling. That's not bad storytelling. It's the outcry of arbitrary tallies fueled by petty irritation that the entirety of a given story wasn't resolved to a satisfying conclusion within the span of the current expansion.

The Horde's stomped around throughout Cataclysm, and in some people's estimation the fact that the Alliance didn't get their cup filled to match by the time Deathwing was floating face-down in the Maelstrom translates to some kind of permanent unfairness.

If such faction "imbalance" makes for bad storytelling, then I guess Lord of the Rings was horribly bad storytelling, because there were an absolute crap-ton of orcs and trolls for every human, elf, hobbit, dwarf or ent and the only circumstances in which Middle Earth could succeed were hinged upon the miniscule odds of Frodo's success at Mt. Doom. They even took one of the other side's wizards! Faction imbalance! Even as the orcs routed at Pelennor, the defenders never truly had the upper hand. That victory left mankind's armies crippled and doomed in the event of a sustained conflict. Sauron retained the military means to crush all resistance through attrition and sheer numbers under any circumstance that didn't involve the One Ring being slipped past him and destroyed. Gee, guess that was a terrible story, given how heavily the odds were stacked in favor of one side over the other...

Just because a person's chosen favorite faction isn't getting a win for every time the other side wins, does not equate to a bad story. Especially in something like WarCraft, it simply amounts to the state of affairs at a particular point in an ongoing story that could change in any of a thousand different ways at any point in the future.

One needn't bother trying to suggest that to the most rabid of either faction-oriented fanbases, though. They've decided that every expansion - or even every content patch - is supposed to be a mirror of ups and downs between both player factions. As far as they're concerned, they paid for this expansion, and they're being mistreated in some fashion by that purchase not concluding the entire tale to their satisfaction, despite knowing that the faction conflict in particular was meant to outlive the Lich King's fall, the tantrums of Deathwing and his pals, and likely even our upcoming foray into Pandaria.

Without even realizing it, they clamor for a story that boils down to the thematic equivalent of the Horde killing a boar for every wolf the Alliance kills and vice-versa. Or even worse, both factions killing an identical number of boarwolves with flavor text that makes it "for the Horde" and "for the Alliance". It's like they stepped out of Wintergrasp from the days of factions trading victories on purpose for maximum honor points and became incensed that the narrative doesn't play by those rules.

WoW is an ongoing story, and to get our noses out of joint about the current state of "unfairness" between two groups of protagonists is to apply some imaginary end point to a tale that doesn't actually have one.

They've already said this is all building up to something, and honestly the only response I tend to hear consistently from the naysayers is the defeatist assertion that because they've been wronged thus far, then clearly nothing will change. "They're just saying that. They favor Horde, so it's all just hot air and the Alliance won't ever bounce back." Really? They love the Horde so much that they handed it a complete and utter defeat at the climax of its greatest string of victories during the Second War? They loved it so much that they saddled it with a cadre of half-rotten allies whose sinister and irresponsible scheming nearly cost it the war in Northrend and all but cast a player race as villains at worst, and highly informed abettors of said villainy at best? They still love it so much they installed a Warchief who elicits outright hostility from half the Horde's racial leaders and contempt bordering on disgusted indifference from the rest?

And honestly, the story is far from over. Cataclysm isn't some twenty-year span of the Horde running roughshod over the Alliance that will culminate in them finishing the job during MoP. Tons of this stuff is very likely intended to be happening at the same time around Azeroth, and the nature of prolonged warfare is that often one side starts off more aggressively and racks up the wins more quickly while the other side adjusts and gets ready to strike back. It makes sense for the Horde to have the initiative at first because they've always existed as a collection of states expanding across largely hostile and untamed lands, as opposed to the Alliance, which generally deals with attacks upon lands that they've already occupied and controlled for a long time. It takes time to switch from a footing of protecting what one has to striking out against enemies abroad, and while the Horde's very nature has kept it on the latter footing since day one, the Alliance's "default" is to commit its forces to the defense of its current territories, as it's not particularly expansionist by nature, so it doesn't perpetually maintain a state of trying to conquer new lands. The resource-hungry Horde's always had its eyes on the lush territories adjacent to its own, while Stormwind's not really eying Stranglethorn or the Blasted Lands. The Forsaken have by necessity been trying to oust and destroy the Scarlet Crusade and Worgen for years, while Darnassus hasn't spent the past ten thousand years desperately trying to claim the Barrens or Tanaris. Even where Stormwind is fighting, like Dustwallow, they don't exactly want the place. It's just tactically necessary; otherwise Stormwind's got its delineated borders and lands, and doesn't seem particularly interested in changing them. It's all just a matter of long-established nations with ready access to long-established resources and infrastructures clashing with younger, expanding nations that lack abundance and see it in lands abutting their own.

It's only natural that the latter are going to keep a larger standing army ready to invade than the latter because they see invasion as a potential necessity in and of itself rather than solely an act of retaliation to attack. The Alliance's nation-states have, for the most part, been around long enough that they've got most of what they need land-wise and only rally armies for long-distance excursions when they feel threatened by something abroad. As a result, it stands to reason that they don't cavalierly begin amassing for gargantuan warfare in distant lands, especially when something like the recent attacks of Deathwing have them on a defensive footing and dealing with at-home calamities.

Really it's just a different mindset thing. While every orc is raised to look forward to the chance for glory and honor in battle, a citizen of the Alliance wouldn't necessarily want to go fight the Horde while their home is still on fire from Deathwing's latest fly-by.

In the wake of Deathwing's fall, that can change. The massive third-party threats to the world are quelled (for now), and while the leaders of the Alliance have known for some time what's going on with the Horde's aggressive expansion, only now can the average person finally finish rebuilding their demolished homes and focus on dealing with the shenanigans Garrosh's Horde has been up to during the Cataclysm while they were busy putting out the fires in their houses and seeing to their families. Nobody wants to march off to war if it means leaving their spouses and children waiting behind in the charred husk of what used to be their home, but with that situation rectified, the peoples of the Alliance as a whole can zero in on the next pack of bastards that are out to ruin their day, safe in the knowledge that the Aspect of Death and his army of crazed nihilists aren't still out there trying to destroy everything they know and love.

Part 2

Well, even during WCIII, Maiev hardly proved to be an example of predominant night elf temperament, as most of them didn't have a grossly overdeveloped sense of personal vengeance.

Plus I frankly think people grab onto that quote a bit more literally than it was intended to be taken. After all, the Qiraji and Silithid survived, now didn't they (and not in secret either; the night elves knew they'd locked a powerful and enduring enemy away behind the Scarab Wall)? The trolls survived the rise of the kaldorei, back when the night elves were actually aggressive expansionists kicking the crap out of their neighbors. The satyr remained a consistent local danger before and after the War of the Satyr. Hell, they'd just fought against the Horde and Alliance intruders mere months prior, and those "races" were still around.

The sad reality of the other examples is probably a result of development time curtailing their ability to do what they'd have liked to.

Really, I think it's easy to forget that at a fair amount of the frustration expressed here about such things is likely shared by the developers. I'm sure they'd have loved to have turned every single zone in Azeroth upside-down and packed them full of every awesome new story they could think of.

Yet the cold reality is that Mr. Eric Browning's Blizzcon Art Panel joke about getting to only keep three puppies applies well beyond just his department of in-game prop designing.

What it adds up to is that in addition to story-driven change, certain zones needed heavy mechanical change than others. Naturally, as they were getting a heavier revamp overall, such zones were likely afforded greater change overall - including story-based change - due to the fact that they were already undergoing more extensive renovations to begin with. Zones like Westfall and Duskwood probably already fit more cohesively into the leveling curve, so they were subjected to less stripping-down of their basic designs, and therefore offered less room for drastic story mechanics to squeeze in.

The Alliance isn't alone in that, even if it might theoretically possess more zones to which it happened to apply. There are also Horde areas and hubs where it feels like the player is shuffled through at a breakneck pace (even by current leveling standards) likely for the sake of not leaving it unused while also not completely outpacing the overall leveling curve they were going for. Even in Stonetalon, certain parts of the Horde questing experience literally involve swinging into an entire settlement, doing one quest, then accepting a follow-up that is literally a narrated "go to the next town".

The fact is, gameplay will take precedent when the chips are down and deadlines are approaching. It's both sad and heartening, because while it means sacrificing story at times to get the job done, it also means the job will get done. Just try setting a room full of creative people loose without a deadline, whether self-imposed, enforced by some form of management , or imposed by the filter of other creative teams' constraints. They'll never, ever, ever finish the job, because new ideas will never stop coming and they'll never feel compelled to cut things off and say "this won't work mechanically, it's time to cut and print what we can and polish what's there". They'll say "this won't work mechanically, let's overhaul the mechanics from scratch to make it work", and it will never be done.

(I am guilty of this myself, incidentally...*cough*)

Personally, I think the "imbalance" is basically due to the Alliance having better zones to start with in Vanilla WoW. And not "better" in the subjective or story-driven sense. Simply mechanically, the Alliance had a smoother rate of progression from zone-to-zone (no prancing to-and-fro in the Barrens, for instance), which meant they required less bare-bones ratcheting of the gears and bolts that carried the leveling player between them, while the Horde literally had to break a zone in half to smooth things out. As a result, the Alliance-centric zones called for less attention from the software Programmers and Developers, who are essentially the agents by which the Creative Developers actually inject their conceptualized stories into the game itself. Such zones needed less done overall, so they garnered less attention than those which required heavy-duty mechanical revamping to smooth things out the way they intended to.

And really, even the Horde stalls out in places, suggesting the cruel mistress that is the deadline hacked off their efforts short of completing the entirety of their revamping. Arathi is only marginally better for the Horde than the Alliance, which suggests to me that they were at some point "headed in" to the zone from the more heavily altered Hillsbrad when plans for it had to be stopped short and capped off. While regardless of one's opinions on the actual narrative victories therein, the Barrens, Stonetalon, Ashenvale and the Plaguelands got serious overhauls for both factions because those zones were significantly juggled around the leveling curve (Plaguelands) and altered to serve as truly viable leveling progression zones (Barrens, Stonetalon and Ashenvale). Or even Silithus, which found itself in the unenviable position of being a level 60 zone in an age of WoW where people tend to skip to Outland at 58. The Blasted Lands had proximity to Outland going for them, but Silithus was largely untouched for both factions, likely because it just plain didn't fit into the modern leveling curve and rate of progression in WoW.

It's unfortunate, and we may bitch about it (I've said some things I regretted in retrospect, at least by way of the tone in which I posted them), but it's highly likely that a great many of our own frustrations about lacking of story content are shared by the people who actually come up with the stories and who, in a perfect world, would release every expansion jam-packed with a fresh new Azeroth and a billion stories to tell.

But the world isn't perfect, so they get everything they can into the game, and do their best to weave it all together, even if producing fewer results to satisfy the short-term remands means taking extra time to get it all out in the long-term and the whole thing doesn't necessarily fit into the confines of this-or-that particular patch, expansion or questline. They're working through a medium that metaphorically yanks entire chapters, characters, themes and plotlines out of their proposed stories even after the normal process of editing and requires that they staple together what remains into something serviceable, and considering the limitations they work with, I've personally been pretty impressed by the rate of improvement we've seen in the game's storytelling from the Sunwell patch onward. It's not perfect by any stretch, but under the circumstances it's a great deal more cohesive than one would normally expect.

(Again? Thank God for that quote button.)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thursday Video Game music for Febuary 2, 2012

I'll be honest I hate linking Warcraft music here because I think anyone who plays WoW hears most of this stuff so much that they either completely tune it out or start hating it. However when I heard this little mix I couldn't help but be moved by how good it was.

If anyone else as a suggestion for Thursday Video Game Music feel free to leave it in the comments.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Warcraft Podcast Milestones for Febuary

Birthdays for February
*The Original Pocket Podcast turns one on the 1st
*Lore Stories turns one on the 2nd
*Azeroth Food Epidemic turns one on the 3rd
*Outlandish Podcast tunes three on the 4th
*1% Wipe turns one on the 13th
*Leveling Azeroth turns two on the 15th
*Hearthcast turns three on the 17th
*Molsan Method Podcast turns two on the 18th
*Love to the Guild Leader turns one on 27th
*POW W.O.W. turns one on the 28th

*Mod Minute hit episode 25 on 1/7/2012
*The Power Word: Gold Podcast hit episode 25 on 1/8/2012
*Rep Grind Radio hit episode 25 on 1/21/2012
Holy Shatt hit episode 25 on 1/23/2012

*Liquid WoW hit episode 50 on 1/4/2012
*Horde House hit episode 50 on 1/21/2012

Two hundred & fifty
*Ctrl Alt WoW hit episode 250 on 1/20/2012