Monday, December 10, 2012

List of Warcraft Lore Podcast 3.0

Its been a while since I've written a normal blog post so I thought I would update the list of active warcraft lore podcast since the list has changed a fair bit in the last month.

The longest running WoW lore podcast. BWTL original archives can be found here. I guess you have to pay if you want an MP3 version of the new shows otherwise they can be found on youtube.

This show is hosted by Janelle, best know for her work on 5 WoW Things, along with Necroxis and Settana. Caverns of Lore is a short cast aiming to be about half hour long and talk about single lore issue during those episodes.

Long time Warcraft Podcast listeners who remember the Hearthstone Roleplay tavern with find many familiar voices where. Focused around lore and role playing on Earthen Ring(US) realm. Its nice insight into how the changing lore of Warcraft effect role players. 

The podcast started off with the goal to review every piece of written Warcraft lore. Its a big goal but we enjoy a challenge.

The Overlores play through zones and talk about lore of those zone.

Older sources of Warcraft Lore

Illidarian of Epic Dolls, Inside Azeroth, and Liquid WoW has put her lore segments up on for all to hear.

The Ancient of Lore an Old WoW Radio Show focusing on many of the lore issues back in 2005.

The Lorekeepers another old WoW Radio show went a bit deeper into WoW Lore.

Lore Whores was a lore youtube channel. But we won't hold that against them.

Taverncast has a two great lore readings if your want the basics of Warcrart lore in about 40 minutes.

I hope this helps. And you enjoy Warcraft Lore I encourage you to listen to my lore episodes. And of course you can always find more Warcraft podcast on Wowpedia and Reddit.


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