Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Episode 77: Rustee of the Slash 2 Podcast ~ Part 1

This week it is my great honor to talking to Rustee of the Slash 2 podcast, and the Ready Check Podcast. This interview was so big I spit it into two parts. The second part can be found in episode 78.

Some of the topics we talked about included how Rustee got into Podcasting, Blizzcon, Blizzcast, Raiding, Warlocks, loot drama and much much more.

Rustee's Twitter
Slash 2 Website
The Ready Check Archive
The GeekHole 

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The photo at the top of the post is the work of my friend Scott who has been kind enough to give me permission to use his images on this blog. If you would like hi-res prints or would like to see his other works you can find them here.   

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