Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Episode 71: Interview with Elly of the Elunes Grace Podcast

This week I have the great pleasure of interviewing Elly of Elunes Grace Podcast. Elly shares her thoughts on WoW as well as much of her other gaming experience. Was a great fun. 

I apologies also because I recorded outside my normal recording area and there is a bunch of noise in my track I did my best to filter it out but its still there. 

This interview is part of the History of Warcraft Podcasting series interviews, the other interviews and other past episodes can be found here.


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The photo at the top of the post is the work of my friend Scott who has been kind enough to give me permission to use his images on this blog. If you would like hi-res prints or would like to see his other works you can find them here.

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