Wednesday, September 26, 2012

To Whom It May Concern

To Whom It May Concern,

I was contacted by Tauren Tom, Station General Manager of Tauradio, yesterday with a complaint of cyber bullying of my guest Leto in Episode 60 of Grand Old Podcast.

My intent with my interview with Leto was to gain a greater insight into the History of Warcraft Podcasting, which Leto was a part of hosting a very early show on WCRadio. I also wanted to talk about the story of World of Warcraft, a subject which Leto had talked about on two of his pervious podcasts.

As I have stated earlier, after episode 60 went live, former members of WCRadio contacted me and informed me that many of Leto's remarks were untrue. It was also at this point I realized that there is a longstanding feud between some former members WCRadio; and I had walked into the middle.

Because of this feud and because I could not verify the truthfulness of Leto's remarks, I kept Episode 60 down and offline. I had felt that was end of matter until yesterday.

I'm not sure why Tauren Tom sent me this email. I have taken down Episode 60 and plan to keep it down. It is my plan to continue to do History of Warcraft podcasting interviews as long as people will talk to me or until I no longer enjoy podcasting. I wish this matter settled; sadly, it seems that it's the fire that keeps burning.

This is not my fight. Nor can I control what the few people that heard my interview think of it. I'm just a guy trying to do a podcast. It's not the biggest show, or even the best show, but it's a show I enjoy doing. Sadly, ever since episode 60 went live, much of the joy I take in doing the podcast is lessened.

If I have any say in things, this will be the last mention of Episode 60 on this blog. Also, for the record, my copyright still stands in that anyone with a copy of episode 60 may not host it and any persons with copies I would request they not play any clips of episode 60. Simply put, this is my hobby and I would like to get back to enjoying it.

Grand Old Podcast

Update1: It seems TaurenTom decided to post his original email in the comments.

Update 2: I've talked to Tauren Tom He says that he feels this matter is steeled as do I so I'm closing comments


  1. Ive never seen someone so hell bent on having an interview air where the interviwee portrays himself as a flaiming, narcisitic asshole. I say let it air and let them deal with the fallout. Any respce I had for Council of Six from back in the day is now gone, and I dont know what tauradio is but i certainly wont be going there.

  2. It has been brought to my attention as the station general manager of TauRadio Independent Broadcasting that your podcast episode number 60 has been recently used as a crutch in a verbal boxing match between Emperor of VTW Productions and our recent acquisition Leto ().

    I personally have listened to the episode which was originally intended as your 60th episode and have been instilled with the opinion that this episode was a baiting game. As Mr. clearly attempts to deflect your attempts about gaining controversial comments about other well known media members, you expressly insist on prying further and attempting to place your own opinions into the commentary presumably under the pretenses of expediting information and opinions from Mr. .

    At this point in time, we asking that any further uses of your episodes as a crutch in an argument against either our station or our members be ceased. We have already contacted Emperor regarding this issue as well as his most recent episode in which one of his show guests suggests that Mr. should simply "put the gun to his head and pull the trigger". With this issue now reaching what is inexplicable a legal matter which if it continues will require our recourse.

    Mr. at this point is a valued member of both the TauRadio Broadcasting team as well as a member of the Silver Dragons - OSD Gaming Clan. This notice has been archived in our legal records and should further involvement on our part be necessary this will be included as a notice of requested compliance.

    'Direct Quotes from your site included below'

    Wednesday, August 22, 2012
    I'm Sorry
    I'm writing to say that I have pulled Episode 60 from the Grand Old Podcast feed. I did this because numerous interactions with people mentioned in this show led me to believe that much of what was said was the opinion of my guest, Leto. While Leto has the right to his opinion, the point of the interview was to talk about the History of Warcraft podcasting, and I feel this episode has gone far afield of that goal.
    Grand Old Podcast is my podcast and take responsibility for everything said on it. To all those who have written in to express their anger and disappointment with this interview, I sincerely apologize and will make sure to alter how I conduit interviews in the future.
    Grand Old Podcast
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    Update: I have decided to pull down this episode you can see why here. To that end I'm exercing my copyright and no one may repost Episode 60 of Grand Old Podcast without my express consent.

  3. Dear Sayomara

    As controvertial as Ep60 was, I urge you to consider the following: The pioneers in any field intrinsically have strong and passionate personalities, the same is true for Podcasting. Therefore it is inevitable that especially in the small knit and interconnected community of podcasters, the sparks will occasionally fly.

    But these givens are what make your podcasts so interesting and your work and efforts such a valuable contribution to the internet, documenting the history and evolution in this specific field.

    If your podcast elicits a strong reaction, then you probably have a strong podcast. Keep it up! I am always eager for the next show and apprectiate the effort you put into the website.


  4. Tanker, and I dont pretend to know whats going on between shows because I dont follow the radio station you mention. Im unsure why you are berating Sayo for doing an interview that some other show not affiliated with his is responding to?

    Your claim of legal action is laughable and all credibility you might have had has gone out the window with it. I think you and your new acquisition need to put on thier big boy pants and deal with the reprucissions of his boy shooting his mouth off for 3 hours. and yes i heard the original before it was put down. ive never heared of leto before, but i dont need to know anymore thant i do now to know hes a douche

  5. im have to believe that tanker is showing some seriously willfill ignorance here. its clear he has never listened to a single gop interview other than the one his friend is in, has he? i have never heard sayomara incite any kind of meltdown from his interviewees.

    tanker must be a child not to understand that as an interviewer, it is your job to ask follow up questions to see where a story leads. he didnt beg or prod this moron to start flaming the world, he did it himself! and he did it i think after deliberately stating he wasnt the kind of guy to do it!

    what it all comes down to is this is a complete farce. this is a bunch of attention grabbing whores looking for another 15 minutes of fame. dont buy int this BS sayo. keep up the good work man.

  6. Mr. Tauren Tom (and I use the Mr. loosely),
    you have no grounds for claiming cyber bullying on Sayomara as he was the interviewer, not the person "Cyber Bullying" Dan Hahn. Your claim should be pointed at Emperor[1G] and Clan Imperial Guard. In fact your claim on Grand Old Podcast and Sayomara could in turn be considered Cyber bullying by Sayo, resulting in more issues for you.

    Sincerely (again loosely as all respect I had for you is gone)
    Johnathan "Shawncaster" B.

  7. Hard to lose respect which was never had from you or your boss mate. Though I must say thank you for taking the letter completely out of context from the original intent. A similar draft was sent to Emperor directly via the VTW forums. I've already read the VTW forums and we've scheduled a meeting about this issue as a whole. The reason episode 60 was brought back up was the use of sound bytes referenced by several persons whom listened to the latest live show. The understanding we had was that this episode was NOT to be available for use in any form and the copyright instatement would resolve the feuding once and for all. I had personally contacted Sayomara in order to get him to review the issue from his end civilly. But what has happened at this point has ended up leading to a wonderfully executed new feud fueled by Emperor's ego as always. Our intent at this point is to finally resolve this once and for all tonight by having the heads of all three groups meet and end this in the best possible manner. TauRadio has even offered to buy out the broadcasting rights on the controversial episode and would absorb any fall out from its existence as such.

    Now lets go back to this being the internet, a place where anonymity protected commentary as well as the fact that we realize most of what is said is absolute BS. But in the age of Wiki the social dependence on what is believed as "truth" written by others and the interpreted and rehashed by yet another leads to these issues.

    In short Shawncaster, we approached this as civilly as possible to resolve it before anyone else needed to be involved. The letter was specifically a generic draft outlining what was occurring and our effective paths. If you read the letter in the true context it was written, it was to INFORM Sayomara of the issue as well as WHOM was purported to be using sound bytes from the original copyrighted episode as well as a statement made on the show which regardless of having been quoted from Leto's twitter was inappropriate. The statement made about pulling the trigger was never used in any way as a reference to Sayomara but explicitly stated where it had originated from.

    But seeing as this is of course the internet and Emperor's Court has always run purely on controversy and interpretations whether in context our out I doubt that you'll be of much help in this matter.

    So until we convene our meeting tonight, this is my final statement on this matter.


  8. Apologies Tauren Tom, I didn't not think my post indicated that I hold any power or any sway in the discussions. I am not a member of Clan [1G] as I am under 18 and do not meet membership requirements. I am also not a staff member of VTW Productions, therefore, I hold no influence in the professional proceedings of VTW.
    once again the teenagers curse of jumping to conclusions has struck, I merely interpreted what I read in your email to Sayo.


  9. Shawncaster, in all honesty don't worry about it. My younger years (about half a decade ago lol) were well like that. I'm just anxious to finally have this dealt with and finished. Not sure of Sayomara's language policies and given you've already stated you fall into the minors category I'll put just censor what my favorite saying in matters like these is. "$#!7 happens".

    And sorry about setting out so harsh on you in the first place. Even if one of the usual rules is never apologize I'm a push over at times.


  10. You sir, are a liar. I have received no correspondence regarding this matter from you, or anyone else for that matter, on the forums, in email, or in any other form.

    Furthermore, I had already obtained information from Sayo to use sound clips as it pertained to me and mine on my show. If you are NOW embarrassed by the antics and comments made by YOUR show host, Leto, that is a matter of your concern, not mine. Maybe you should have thought twice before hiring on such a divisive and negative individual. Its his interview, how can you not stand by his comments? No one put a gun to Leto's head to threaten, scream down and level personal insults at the following:

    TotalBiscuit, Eriyanna, Octale and Hordak, Athalus, Pride, Medros, WOW Radio, OMFG Radio, VTW radio, and lastly myself. He said these things, he should stand by them. He made public twitter posts available to the entire public about wanting to put a bullet in his own head. If he doesnt want anyone discussing his PUBLIC commentary, than he shouldn't make any.

    Furthermore, if he and you don't want me to comment about the out and out falsehoods of claiming TB to be a criminal, to call Octale a "dick," to say Eryianna was a "manipulating whore" and finally ALL the choice comments he had about me, you are delusional. What your hiree, Leto, has done is the very essence of what you call "cyberbullying."

    Do not come here Tom and make baseless claims that you in ANY WAY sent something to me. We all know thats a load of shit. You deliberately, and wisely, avoided me at all costs. You decided to bully and threaten Sayomara, and when that failed you called out Octale. Good luck with that one son.

    Just wait for Sunday. See, you really are a bully, and so is Leto. I spent the formative parts of my childhood beating the tar out of people like you. The Internet, to me, is no different. You threw down the gauntlet, you've been caught in a lie, and the entire episode based on the inflamatory rhetoric of a clearly mentally disturbed individual (Leto), and now you're going to do deal with the consequences.

    1. Emperor,

      Eh, everyone is entitled to their opinion. Far be it from me to bother trying to dissuade you.

      I've already stated my last message would be my closing statement until after this meeting was concluded. I chose to stick to that statement and we'll just end up seeing how things go.

      Feel free to bother going after me. You did it back at OMFG anyways and all you did was make me laugh at the jives. Here's a bit of starting information for you. I'm a furry. Start digging the hole from there.


  11. I think I'd rather start with the fact you have no shows running on a station you can't keep and running for more than a week. The fact that you haven't been an entity of any real existance in over a year before coming here and starting a flame war speaks of all the fail and hilarity that need be. Whatever kind of twisted deviant sex life you lead is of no interest to me. The greater crime isn't dressing in animal costumes for your sexual gratification so much as pretending to have an iota of talent at podcasting and trying to bully people into thinking you some how matter