Saturday, September 29, 2012

Episode 65: September Warcraft Podcast Review

This is the week everything went sideways. The original plan was to do podcast review for the month of September with Rho however I'm a moron and recorded all of my audio with my webcam mic. Needless to say that audio is terrible so rather that spicing the show together I decided to rerecored everything and leave a few bits of Rho talking about his show in. I also put a little bit of the original audio at the very end of the Podcast if you really want to hear how bad it was. Other than next week Octale of VTW!

I said this in the show but I want to thank apsana, Octale and Emperor for all there support in the last week. These are good people and I'm honored to know them. You can find there work at The Darkmoon Herald, Octale and Hordact vs The World, and The Emperor's Court respectively.

On more note the RSS feed has changed, this is the new RSS Feed. This change is because google is getting rid of Feedburner so if you are still using the Feedburner feed know that at at some point in the not to distant future that will die. I have taken steps already to change everything for Itunes users. If anyone has any problems let me know. 


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