Thursday, August 9, 2012

Episode 58: Interview with Brian Hough of Raid Warning & Galactic Public Radio!

This week it is my great pleasure to welcome Brian Hough of Raid Warning, The Other Guys, The Creep, and Galactic Public Radio to the show. This is the eighth interview in the History of Warcraft Podcasting Series.
We talking about everything from Azeroth United to the Brains love of football. If there was an ax to grind, it found its mark it this show. I hope you all enjoy it. We did.
Should also be noted that a few days before this episodes went live Brain decided he will be retiring from podcasting. I wish want to wish Brain luck in whatever he does. I want to thank him for letting me join the final Episode of GPR it was ball. Brain is a great podcaster and the community is lessened. Godspeed =)
Brian Hough – Lost in Pixelation

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