Sunday, July 22, 2012

Episode 56: Burning bridges

This week we have our monthly review of Warcraft Podcasting.

July Birthday’s and June Milestones
*World of Warcast turned 7 on July 2nd
*Hard Enrage turned 1 on July 9th
*The Mana Cooler turned 2 on July 10th
*Taverncast tuned 7 on July 18th
*The Sundering turned 2 on July 25th
*Forum Junkies turned 1 on July 29th
Fiftieth Episode
*Grand Old Podcast had its 50th episode on June 6th
*Convert to Raid had there 50th episode on June 18th
Hundred Episode
*Stopcast had its 100th episode on June 26th
Dead and inactive podcasts for June
Video Youtube channel Podcast
A audio youtube podcast
WoW news podcast with archeology bend to it.
Husband and Wife podcast hosted by Flux of Power Word: Gold
Great show sad to see it go.
Longstanding WoW news show bitched A LOT. Started in 2007
New Podcasts to the WoWpedia list
Podcasts to check out

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