Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Episode 55: Interview with Rich Fisher of Horde for Life!

It was my great pleasure to welcome Rich Fisher or Horde for Life and Ego Networks onto Grand Old Podcast this week. This is the sixth interview in my History of Warcraft Podcasting series or #HoWP for you twitter people out there.

During out interview we talk about everything from old MMO's and how they effect podcasters perspective on World of Warcraft to how podcasting changes your view on other podcasters, and much, much more.

It great interview clocking in at just under three hours.


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1 comment:

  1. I am apologizing in advance if this is a long one.

    There are very very few podcasts that rank above Horde For Life. Rich Fisher has to be one of my very favorite hosts out of all the WoW podcasts. I feel a connection to him, as he thinks so very similarly as I do. He is passionate, so very passionate about the game, as very evident when he is on his soapboxes, but it such a positive way. One thing I hate is mindless and immature attacks on Blizzard. I hate them on anyone, but when dealing with WoW, they are normally aimed at Blizzard. Rich has this incredible way of being constructively critical, but being enormously respectful of the people behind the game that we love. He has a way of driving home ideas in positives lights, versus being negative.

    HFL is a podcast that I miss greatly when there is no show on a current week. Its funny how these podcasts have become a part of my life. Of course I am not friends with most of the podcasters out there, in fact very few know who I am, but its funny how I feel this connection, that I need to listen, not only to hear what they have to say, but also because I am just so used to hearing their voices in my ears each and every week. Rich is just one of these guys. There are times I am shouting his praises for his ideas and thoughts, there are others I am pounding my fists into my desk "Why Rich why would you say that?!" but its all in good fun, and just as Rich is very good about seeing both sides, whenever I do disagree, he always backs his points up with a clear, concise argument. He is a shining jewel of the podcast community, and on top of that, his network has some of the best shows around, with Mana Cooler, Darkmoon Herald, and Tauren Think Tank. These are all people that truly seem lik genuinely good invididuals in real life, and that I would enjoy hanging out with.

    Thanks for doing these podcast histories Sayo, they are thoroughly enjoyable.