Monday, June 4, 2012

Episode 49: Moon of the Spider

This week on Grand Old Podcast
*I review the Richard Knaak classic Diablo novel, Moon of the Spider.

*After which I talk about three new podcasts The ClockworkRiot Litecast, Tauren Think-Tank, and Vote2Kick.

*I’m interested in any feed back anyone has on the History for Warcraft Podcasting Series I’m doing. Interviews with UncleThursday, and Bryterside are up so check them out. Coming up this week is my interview with Emperor of Emperor's Court. I think you will all enjoy it.

*Some old but good podcasts you should check out are WoW Dawgs & Ready Check

*Finally if your interested in winning a copy of Lord of the Clans leave a comment on my Blog to enter.

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