Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Who could be the next Warchief?

So, news has come out Garrosh Hellscream, son of the late Grom Hellscream, will be the last boss in Mists of Pandaria. This has, of course, got many people wondering who will take over as leader of the Horde after Garrosh meets his end. Some people believe Vol'jin will take over because of what he says at the end of the Troll starting zone. Others feel that Baine Bloodhoof would avenge his father’s death at the hands of Garrosh and take over leadership of the Horde. A few souls want Sylvanas Windrunner to take leadership of the Horde so they will do what is needed to defeat the Alliance once and for all. I've seen that Jastor Gallywix has turned off authentication for political donations to his website in order to raise enough money for his upcoming campaign for Warchief. Personally, I think the best hope for the Horde among the current Horde leaders is Lor'themar Theron. Few others have bought back their civilization to the extent the Blood Elves have under Lor'themar, and even with the betrayal of their prince they continue on, always true to themselves. That is something the Horde could use.

However I don't expect the next leader of the Horde to be a Troll, Tauren, Undead, Goblin or Blood Elf. It will be an orc. So I figured I would give you guys a list of orcs that we could see as Warchief

Thrall’s shattering speech about leaders of the Horde "" From this we see that we need someone show isn't part of the old guard.
His first thought was Cairne. His oldest friend here in Kalimdor, Cairne and he thought alike on many things. He was wise and ruled his people well. But Thrall, like Cairne himself, knew there were those who thought him old-fashioned and out of touch with what was needed. If there was slight unrest in the form of the Grimtotem in Cairnes’s own city, then there would surely be unrest and murmuring if Thrall appointed an elderly tauren to lead the Horde now
No, Cairne would definitely have a part to play, but it could not be the role of leader. An orc would be better. One the people knew and like already.
Thrall sighed deeply. The perfect choice was one he could not have, Saurfang the Younger. Youthful, charismatic, and yet wise beyond his years, he had been the brightest star in the sky of the horde warriors before the Lich King had slain him. His father, though not quite broken, had been emotionally devastated by the recent events. Too, the orc was too old, as was Cairne, as was the deeply trusted Eirtigg. (The Shattering p. 97-98)
In recent days Blizzard has added more fuel to the fire to suggest that Thrall might not be coming back as Warchief.
Question: Erm...He's going back to being warchief of the Horde. Which apparently isn't supposed to bother all the alliance that have been working with him for the last few years.
Blizzard: I know what was said during the press tour, but don't be so sure yet that you know who the next warchief will be. The information provided during the press tour was... not entirely accurate.
I don’t claim to know whether this means Thrall is coming back or not, but let’s look at some of the orcs, who might take over for Garrosh if Thrall does not come back?

1. Warlord Zaela:
Zaela is the current leader of the Dragonmaw orcs, part of the group of Dragonmaw that was left on Azeroth after the closing of the Dark Portal. She came to power, overthrowing Overlord Mor'ghor who was on the run from Illidan after letting the Netherwing operations get out of hand. She helped defeat Cho-gals top general Skullcrusher the Mountain. Of the younger Generation of orcs, she has to be one of the stand outs who is likely to come to the forefront in continuing years, and if she does not it will be a horrible missed opportunity for Blizzard.

2. Rehgar Earthfury
Rehgar Earthfury has been many things in his life: gladiator, shaman, advisor and battery. In a Horde show shaped by Thrall and his desire to return the orcs to Shamanism, Rehgar is arguably one of the most powerful orc shamans alive. His place alongside shaman of the Earthen Ring like Muln Earthfury and Farseer Nobundo speaks to his skills. However, much more than anyone else on this list, he keeps the "War in Warcraft" since he owned Varian Wrynn. It’s clear from Varian’s speech to Thrall in the Undercity that he still is VERY angry about his time as a slave gladiator. The other thing Rehgar has working for him is the fact that he was member of the New Council of Tirisfal. With Jaina playing a larger role, his connection to her through this organization might creating some interesting plot elements.

3. Jorin Deadeye
Jorin Deadeye is the son of the late Kilrogg Deadeye, the chieftain of the Bleeding Hollow clan. Jorin has the honor of being left in charge in Nagrand after Garrosh left for bigger and better things. However, Jorin, despite the fact his father was much more evil that Garrosh's father, didn't suffer from the same emo nature. Some would say it is not a good idea to draw from the same pool when the last leader from there was so bad. However, I think the brown orcs still bring a healthy restraint to the Horde and reminder of who the Orcs used to be that they could use now and again.

4. Thura Saurfang
If Blizzard wants to make their fans happy, the best way they can do that is by making a Saurfang leader of the Horde. But if you look back at the speech by Thrall above, you will see the problem Thrall faced was Varok Saurfang was both old and grieving of the loss of his son Dranosh Saurfang. Thrall even goes so far as to say Dranosh would have been his first choice to be Warchief if he had not been killed. This is where Thura comes in; we know very little about her. However, she did play a key role in helping to defeat the Nightmare lore. She also carries the axe of her other Uncle Broxigar. Her rise to Warchief would allow Varok to come back as the old trusted as adviser while at the same time giving the Horde a bit less experienced Warchief that needs to grow into the role. From a story telling point of view it would be a great choice.

5. Ariok
Ariok, son of Eitrigg for many of the same reasons as Thura above, Ariok does have the problem that Blood and Honor short story says he doesn’t exist and then he just popped out of thin are with Cataclysm so one has to wonder is this one of the Orcs we expect to play larger role in the future. I do think it be interesting to see Eitrigg guiding his son as leader of the horde while at the same time having to deal with conflicts that would likely create with his old friend Tirion Fordring.

6. Garona Halforcen
There are few Orcs other than Thrall himself who have affected the history of Azeroth more than Garona Halforcen. The daughter of some unnamed orc who raped the sister of Maraad. Garona was used as tool by the shadow counsel first against the other orc tribes and later against the humans. In the time she was herself in tower of Karazhan she became friends with Khadgar. At some point conceived a child with Medivh.
After Medivh death she because friends with King Llane Wrynn. Under the control Gul’an she killed Llane in front of his son Varian. After this time Garona faded into the shadows of Azeroth and had a child Med'an. While she let others watch over the child Garona was never far from her son.
Around the time of start of the Wrath of the Lich King she was capatored by the Twilights Hammer lead by Cho'gall. Cho'gall was the last member of Shadow Cousel that knew how to control Garona as they had planned to use Garona to Kill King Varian Wrynn. While that plan failed Garona and her son were bought to for front of the battle against Cho’gall who now had be powered up by C'Thun. In the finally battle Garona even went into the body of C’Thun to recover part of staff of Atiesh so that Med’an could use it against Cho’gall.
In the Cataclysm, Garona shows up in Twilight Highlands looking to get rid of Cho’gal once and for all. Garona gets close to personally taking out Cho’gal but he retreats into the Bastion of Twilight. This leaves Garona to deal with Skullcrusher the Mountain to destroy her, however with the Warlord Zaela and another the day is won.
With Cho’gal now dead its not clear what path Garona should take. She is based on of one of Chris Metzens own D & D Characters so you can never really expect her to not play a big part in any story which she is involed. Her mixed hertate is likely to mean that she will keep looking young long after orcs that are about her age(Eitrigg & Varok Saurfang) are long dead. If Blizzard really wants a leader of the Horde that knows the worse of its pasts but is willing to defend what they have built its hard to think of someone better than Garona Halforcen.

Other dark horse orcs that might make the cut include but are limited too, Gorgonna, Nazgrel, Legionnaire Nazgrim, Warlord Krogg. And while all of these characters are interesting orcs, I don't think they have hooks that would make them likely for blizzard to turn them into a Warchief. I could be wrong honestly I think Blizzard could go in any number of directions but the least interesting thing they could do is bring Thrall back as Warchief for almost 7 years he did nothing as the leader of the Horde it was only after he left that role that character was able to move on I think the rest of us are ready to move on as well.


  1. Interesting stuff, though I'm not sure of all of the lore myself. I also agree that there will not be a undead, blood elf or goblin warchief. As much as a Tauren warchief appeals and feels like some recompense for the loss of Cairne, I don't think Baine would be interested.

    I wonder if there might be a push from the other races to ensure an orc wasn't the warchief and with Baine removing himself out of the running, that leave Vol'jin. The Tauren would accept that, but would the rest. Who knows.

    1. I would honestly love if Blizzard used one of the other Horde races to be warchief but at the end of the day I expect Blizzard to keep writing Orc vs Humans like its 1994. I would love to be wrong but I'm going to take a wait and see attitude.

      Thanks for your comment Mabaho