Monday, May 7, 2012

Dead Warcraft Podcasts for May

Not much to report this month being that I was so late getting last months post up. However I've held back a few things til I could confirm some podcasts were over.

P.O.W. W.O.W.- I think people really enjoyed the POW WoW podcast even if it was often over the time. It had a good sound, and hosts that enjoyed what making the show. Sadly Joe no longer wanted to be part of that and thus the Darkmoon Herald was born. Which I dare say is better than the original.

Rep Grind Radio- Long time followers of blog and podcast know I have worked with Rez going on two years. We both have about the same taste in Warcraft Podcast. When I heard he was starting a podcast on Ventchat I was really happy since more Rez is better. I had no idea who this Twizz guy was but the pair seems to work well. Sadly nothing lasts forever. I think its a testament to how good the show was that people are still talking about it and how much its missed. Will Twizzcast & The Eviscerated Gaming Podcast ever be Rep Grind Radio? No but they will bring there own something to the Warcraft Podcast community. I rise a glass to best Warcraft Podcast to come out of 2011.

The Darkmoon Podcast- Started to fix some of the problems of Warcraft tradechat. The Darkmoon Podcast was small guild podcast that was always fun to listen too. I talk to Georgewow last week and he says they might be back but given the lack of content not much point in Podcasting right now. Something I think all Warcraft Podcasters understand all too well.

That is all for this month. As always if you know of any mistakes let me know in the comments and complete list of Warcraft Podcasts Active and Inactive can be found over at Wowpedia- Podcasting.


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  1. Dead but not forgotten, they brought us joy and, will be forever remembered by us fondly.