Sunday, March 4, 2012

Its about the falling action

Hello everyone, Been a while since I sat down and wrote a real post and itch has been sracting at me. I've been reading about the voice acting and storytelling in Star War: The Old Republic and its gotten me thinking what is it that I really don't like about the storytelling is World of Warcraft? This isn't one thing, and lets be clear I do like the story of Warcraft but the in game story telling just doesn't sit right for me anymore.

This really came to a head a few weeks ago on the Massively Podcast when a comment was made that World of Warcraft story doesn't it take itself very seriously. Now this is a comment from someone who isn't a huge fan of World of Warcraft but its also important that as fan often we can't see the forest for the tree. I can't be 100% objective on this I'm just to close to it. But there is a degree of truth here that much of the World of Warcraft storytelling is silly, filled with poop jokes and pop culture referances so in that regard I would agree Blizzard doesn't take the story very serrously all the time.

However on the other hand you can't Worgen or Death Knight starting zones aren't serious stories, yes they are more single player RPG's than MMO but from a story point of view its a dark story not unlike many modern fanticy novels. But here is lies the problem when the game does its strongest storytelling as a single player RPG you expect it to act like a single player RPG i.e. you have story resolution.

No where inside or out of the game of Warcraft will you find the story of what is currnetly going on with Worgen of Gilneas or the Death Knights of The Ebon Blade. Both are still around most likely playing a key role in the world but those stories are now lost to the larger game. Killing the Lich King didn't tell you Death Knights of The Ebon Blade personally charged by the Lich King to destory Scarlet Onclaves and attack Lights Hope Chapel how your story would end or keep going its not addressed at all.

Its in this lack of falling action that I feel World of Warcraft fails the most. Many of you might have guessed I'm a Huge Babylon 5 fan, hands down best show ever made, but one of the reasons I love it so much is for the falling action of the final season. Yes there is action all the way to the end but you can feel the strings being tied up and story slowly working itself to a place of rest.

In my next article I'll look at a random cata Dungen


  1. I saw the B5 reference you did,in you last podcast and I agree, great show, that reminds me, must get It on DVD, all of it. Now Wow Story, I like when Blizz sometimes does not take it seriously, its good to see references to other things in game, IMO it only make the game better and more enjoyable.
    But the serious part, sometimes lacks the seriousness on the serious parts, but in a MMO is hard to keep the continuity of the story, you kill a boss and the story does not change, but the phasing blizz did was a good way to fix it in part.

    Now lets see what blizz does in MoP.

  2. I think you hit the nail on the head its the two tone nature that makes it hard to really take the story as a whole seriously. Even when they are trying really really hard.

    I do think that if we seen the consequences of our actions a bit more it owuld help, and I don't mean years down the road.

    1. Agree, I also would like to have a "bible" with the full story until now, its would help so the big picture .