Saturday, February 18, 2012


Its an intresting question which character is one's main. For most of the Catacysm I have played other characters My undead Priest, my troll Death Knight, my Night Elf Druid, my Troll Druid, my Tauren druid. Some are max level others aren't but the character that has been with me the longest in fact my second oldest character is my Troll mage Sayomara. But to be honest I haven't felt like this was main for any of Cataclysm sure I leveled him up to 85, but that was more a function habit and internal need to make sure that this character got to max level that it was any intention to play the character. I guess it goes back to that idea you don't abandon your friends and in World of Warcraft this Troll mage is my friend we have seen a lot together, and if it was gone honestly so would I be.

So, my time has been more limited since the Dread Pirate was Born the great folks over at Voilet Aphathy have been great and Twizz has been very supportive of my need for time off but I knew not long ago that I wasn't cutting it as a healer and I was holding the group back. So I cut myself off. That left me with an active wow account an Night Elf druid that really had progressed as much as he was little too. And me with server full of high level character that hadn't been touched in 12 months. I started with my Sighomara my before mentioned Tauren druid after Sayomara the Troll mage this character has seen the most with me. But he was just 80 and not wanting to leveling through the cata zone again I decided to level via Archaeology. Now in fairness this isn't as crazy as it sound and I did get a solid two levels before I decided to find something anything else to do.

Then love is in the air started and I had a reason to long into all my High level character again. And after fightly specing my mage to fire I realized how much fun DPS can be. Honestly having played a healer on and off since the Burning Crusade I have grown a bit tired of all the min maxing it take to be good at dps. Healing is just simpler. But as I played my mage more I desired to make this character look good I mean I have gear going back to Molten Core some of it most look good...yeah not so much if fact most of it is kinda lame. Take that with the fact they nerfed my orginal had it for six years Headmasters Charge. I love that staff but the model is all over the game not the least of which is one of the heirloom staffs. Now there are two other staffs I've really liked over the years The staff of shadow Flame from BWL and the Staff of Damnation from Naxx 25. Both look great. What I had forgotten is I had this craved gargole bone staff that also looks really cool. And so taking the path of least resistance I used the last option for my staff.

For a hat I really wanted to use a fidora but it didn't seem right for Sayomara the Troll mage but my old Eye of Flame part of my Molten Core FR year does seem like something a mage loremaster would wear. I have a purple cape from AQ 40 which goes very well in Daleran. And shoulders which are in fact the crafted pvp shoulders from my good friend Cowl. Last but not least is my chest I knew I wanted a vest of some kind but honestly simpler was better for this in my mind so that end I made Netherweave vest.

Its a simple outfit but I feel it who my character is. Now the most over the top just use what you need to get by. The last touch is his Gundrak hatchin who is quitely waiting for his master to finish his prep work for the next podcast.


  1. Well Sayo, my case is simpler, the One I consider my main is the only 85 I got, and the first Toon I created, that I still didn't delete. My warrior, but now I also have a lock, currently at level 80, that I now seam to spend the most time with. But there is still the level 20ish priest and my level 1 mage =). So I just play with the one I fell like playing at the moment.

    Being the only one in the guild is a blessing and a curse, you have no pressure to do anything but you are also always alone.

    Cya Sayo and happy moggin it.

  2. Ormi was my fourth toon. A worgen priest. I had never tried healing before, and once I began, I learned that it was the aspect of the game I liked the best. I faction changed back in May 2011, and now Ormi is a goblin. I had never put in the time and effort to learn, theorycraft and truly understand a class in the same way that I did with my priest.

    I mogged Ormi into the vengeful gladiators set. Its a somewhat dark set with a dark halo over an ominous looking hood. I don't roleplay with Ormi, but I still know his personality. He's your typical greedy little goblin, he manipulates the light for his own selfish reason, he's will do whatever he can for his own gain. The set fits him and I am very happy with it.

  3. Good to hear from you Al and Ormi. I do really like how transmog really draws our characters not just from the races but also we make them part of era which they were created.

    I think its also interesting how most people would rather not deal with tabards since they can't be tranmoged

    Thanks for the comments show me link to your characters on twitter and I'll put link to them in the article.


  4. HI Sayo, here is the link to a picture of my main, I hope it works if not, just go to my photos on Twiter and he is there.!/Alberthus99999/status/167286022579822592/photo/1