Friday, February 24, 2012

Heart of Elune

One of my favorite, and one of the least talked about subjects in Warcraft, is the Moons of Azeroth, The White Lady and the Blue Child. We know very little about each. The White Lady is normally associated with Elune by Night Elves. Tauren see the White Lady as the left eye of the Earthmother. What if there is more to these celestial bodies than just empty rocks orbiting Azeroth?

I was listening to episode 35 of Group Quest when they started talking about the
Cdev answer to the ‘Is Elune a Naaru?’ question. Blizzard’s basic answer was yes, but, a.) the Night elves don't want to think about that, and b.) that maybe Elune is why the Draenei knew to come to Azeroth. Now if you’re a being of great power that wanted to watch a planet from a distance but also wants to be able to help out from time to time, what would you do? You would leave a satellite in orbit. Take that with the fact that in the real world a large moon in relative size to a planet they orbit are fairly uncommon. So, what is to say that the whole moon isn’t a Titian construct?

The fact is that over the long term an object like the Blue Child is unlikely to stay in a stable orbit (it will most likely be shot back into space or crash into Azeroth). With these facts, then you have the beginning of something big. If one or both of Azeroth’s Moons were created by the Titans they might have
other purposes other than creating tides, and if Elune is a Narru and has taken up residence on The White Lady, who is to say she is the only one?

We have seen that the
moons of Azeroth have power. At the moment of embrace, when Blue Child passes in front of White Lady, the Titans gave the five original aspects their powers, or so legend says (T:TotA). We know for a fact that it’s a very regular occurrence happening every few hundred years. Once again, this is not something you would expect to be stable over thousands of years. However, even if there is no truth about the moons and the legend of the original five aspects reserving their powers during the embrace of the moons, which seems unlikely, we have seen the power of the blue dragon flight transferred to Kalecgos during the moon’s embrace. This at the very least suggests the moons are somehow important to the Titian's plans, even if only as a clock.

The other cool idea I have is that often when people talk about the
Emerald Dream, they talk about it as the back up copy to Azeroth (WotA). However, if you back up your computer, do you normally keep it on your main hard drive? No, you put it on disk or another hard drive. What if one of the moons, say the Blue Child, is the back up to the Emerald Dream and Azeroth for that matter? Maybe the Titans kept this copy off the main drive because they knew at some point their back up to the Emerald Dream that we know might get corrupted, and they can use this copy to restore it to the system.

You want to talk about an epic quest--going to the Moons of Azeroth to recover and save the Emerald Dream, fighting off Titian defenses but not corrupted ones. These work fine, but they will see us the players as the corrupt ones.

The next idea I have deals with Algalon and where we should meet him next. Algalon makes me think there might be at least something to this. In Warcraft comics special issue ,we see Algalon watching the world of Azeroth. Now he could be doing this anywhere or from any number of Titan strongholds, but if these moons were created by the Titans, what better place for a guy made out of stars to hang out than on a moon in space?

The last thing I want to talk about is that
Goblin Rocket ship in Area 52. What became of that? Wouldn’t it be cool if we could get to these lands and then we had to ride a goblin rocket to the moon?

The whole idea is craziness and I don’t expect any of it to come to pass, but I thought I would put it out there for you all to judge my ideas for the next expansion.



  1. That opens a lot of cool possibilities, and all sorts of engineering gizmo's and sorts, but maybe if we pressure blizzard about it, who knows we might even get to go to the Titans worlds or similar stuff that would be one hell of a story.

  2. The other cool thing I was thinking about this morning after I published the article is it might be a good storyline for the Worgen explore the Elunes role in there creation, and what role she continues to play. I mean I like Goldrinn but I would like to hear about both side since they aren't supposed to get along.

  3. Do tell me more about the worgen/elune, Say .
    I so have to look up the lore about this game.

  4. I should really just do a full follow up post about it but the short version is found in these two in game books
    I'll go into more detail next week time willing.

  5. I have read both articles, so we have 2 "kind" of wolf people, the "alien" Worgen and the druids that can transform in wolfs , if I understand it right?

  6. Yep, that was the original understand up til Cata. At that point we found out the Alien Worgen were in fact Night Elf druids from 6000 years ago that were using the worgen form that had been traped in the Emerald Dream after they went batshit crazy. All the Worgen come from that line but the return of the Worgen is made possible Argul and from there the people of Gildness also become infected including Genn.

    Does that help? I thought it would be helpful for you to see what the worgen were before cata and after

  7. That help allot mate, I had no idea Worgen where in fact druids, but being clueless at lore, has I am, I am looking Who is Argul and Genn, brb. =)

  8. Argurl is Arugal ? Say found this info at

    Genn is Lord Genn Greymane right ?

    Once again ty for all the info about this lore =)

  9. There are some excellent ideas in this post that I have never thought of. This is certainly a better idea than just going to fight in the Emerald Dream. Going to the moons, fighting the titan defenses, and actually playing the role of the corrupter (in the eyes of the Titans) is a really interesting concept. Its something we also see in the upcoming Mists of Pandaria expansion. The same idea applies: We are corrupting the Pandaren's world, we are coming to their land and destroying their resources. I like this idea because essentially, in our minds, we are the good guys. But taking a step back and looking at things from all angles, to others, we are not the good guys. We are the problem.
    Also, I think we could get some pretty creative art, themes, etc by going to the moon. Just like MoP, it would be a fundamental change to what we see on a normal basis, and I am sure we would see some very creative things going on.

    I personally don't think any of it is that crazy. The titans are a fundamental part of Azeroth, and they are certainly still keeping watch. They may not intervene all the time, and may not intervene at the right times, but they are still watching. I think it is important that we remember this throughout our travels in the game, and therefore it wouldn't be a bad route to go for an expansion to include them a bit more since it has been a while.

    And sorry, Sayo, for taking so long to get back to you on this :)