Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I have been really busy of late, and never enough sleep but two guys have been a huge help in both keeping me motivated, and letting me know that their are people out there that enjoy what I do. For that I can't thank Al and Ormi enough.

But what I can do I send you all to there respective blogs =)

First Al, he writes the blog the Fighting Coin. He talks about gold making, some others games, a bit about himself. Its a good blog if you aren't following it you should be. I'll be honest your questions and interests has been a just needed distraction from the craziness that I deal with the other 90% of the time. That is no to say I feel my life is overly hard I love my wife and Dread Pirate but Warcraft part of my life has become more and more meh in the last few weeks. I think its that end of expansion malaise setting in.

I also want to highlight Al great trasmog set one of the better looking worgen you going to run into.

The other guy that has been helping me out a ton is Ormi. He just stated writing a blog called The Sanctuary. He as only written a few article but he could put most bloggers to shame including me. This posts are in-dept they are detailed. His one lore post could beat anything that has shown up on WoW Insider in the last two years. Its really that good. Personally Ormi offered to help with the podcast something I hope to take him up on once I get past this current knot of madness.

On the right you will see Ormi rocking his goblin in Cystalsong Forest which honestly is a great zone for pictures like this one.

Speaking frankly, I want to have both these guys on the Podcasts sooner rather later so keep your ears to the ground and I hope I can share more about these two great guys in the near future. I don't feel like I'm doing either of these guys justice but I do like both there blogs and think they are of value. So, follow them on twitter and say hi when you see them in mornings.

Back to the madness of my life.



  1. Ha mate, I was not expecting all this love, I am speechlessness, but I love all you put in this blog mate, you are my Main source of lore, and I fell good for being here,and of course I would love to help in any way as possible.

    My blog is unfortunately not that good as I hopped,my RL and wow addiction does not leave me with enough time to make a decent blog, but its my first try at bloging so its cool.

    SO HUGE Hug mate and keep making, what makes you happy, and I will be here reading =)

    Al out.

  2. First off, great appreciation for your marvelous post Sayo. I am very humbled to have such nice words written about me. You have been an inspiration yourself as to providing such a constant source of interesting content that enhances the community around this wonderful game. This game is a fantastic game, but it is the community that surrounds it and becomes an extension of it that makes it the best in the world.

    Hopefully things improve for you and hopefully this "madness" will pass for you soon. Friends are here for you if you need them.

    And a quick response to Alberthus99999 above: your blog is great. How your blog flows and the content it provides is in the eye of the beholder. Your posts don't have to be 500 words to provide something significant to the community, nor do they have to become detailed and bogged down in being too overly complex. I think you put out a very quality product, some excellent insight into things. Keep up the good work to you both.