Saturday, January 7, 2012

Episode 33 - Message in a Bottle

Welcome to the first new podcast of 2012. We are continuing our letters from the Art of Cataclysm series. The show is filled with goblins, plans, and generally sleepiness. I'll be honest its a bit rough but its important not to let deadlines slip to much.

In some other news there is a new Lore Podcast out for people should check out Lore Whores. Its only on youtube right now but if they get an website I'll make sure to add a link to it.

I finally got around to listening to L.O.R.E and its Great I highly recommended them for Lore as well. If you every listened to the old Hearthstone Tavern RP Podcast many of the same people are involved in this podcast. Check it out yo.

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