Friday, October 7, 2011

Dead Podcast for September

September seen many podcasts hit there six month inactive mark most were fairly short lived Catababy podcasts but others were lost Standing members of the World of Warcraft Podcasting community. As always if you wish to view the full master list of Warcraft Podcast it can be found on the Wowpedia Podcasting Page.

*To start of Addicted to Azeroth announce via Twitter The show had been inconsistent in its updates and it seems the creators wanted to move on to other projects.

*Audio Aggro one of our Catababies, had three episodes all in March of 2011, no reason given for why they stopped updating.

*Guild Chat Podcast started in October of 2010 had a solid 15 episodes under their belt then they stopped updating in March of 2011, no reason given for why they stopped updating.

*Havoccast started and ended in March of 2011 the focus of the show was PvP, and story telling. While no reason is give why the show never got off the ground, this is but another example of a WoW podcast that just never got very far.

*Not Enough Rage just like the Guild Chat Podcast this podcast started in October during the highs of Blizzcon 2010, and coming anticipation of Cataclysm Expansion. Ended in March of 2011 no reason given for why they stopped podcasting.

*The Core Podcast a Guild podcast that put out 7 episodes ended in March of 2011, The guild still seems to active seems they just stopped putting out there podcast.

*The WoW Druidcast started in June of 2009 came to a end in March. Its a strange thing that more class podcasts haven't popped up over the years. No reason was given for the end of the show.

**See Update below**Understanding Warcraft Podcast is put out by No worries gaming, while I can't find a clear post on the end of Understanding Warcraft Podcast, but No worries gaming also had a second Warcraft Podcast called the Casual Warcrafting Podcast.

*Weekly Random started in November of 2010 and ended in March of 2011. Seems the creators of the Podcast just were not happy with the show, and decided to pull back until they could make things better. I guess that day has let to come, but I'll keep you updated if it does.

*World-News TV was a short lived French Warcarft Podcast that was another of our Cataclysm upstarts. Sadly the show ended in January of 2011 never really finding its feet.

*World of Warcraft With Jojo And Palopit came and went from us in March of 2011. Its interesting how sometimes two friends talking can go on for years and other times only months.

*Wow in 30, another Warcraft quick cast getting away from the long shows that dominate the Warcraft Podcasting community. Sadly the show came and went in March of 2011.

*Yet Another World of Warcraft Podcast, funny how the words are more true now than when the show started in 2007. With 93 shows under there belt they stopped updating in April. I have yet to find out why the show ended but I'm sad to see such a long standing podcast go. But I'm glad they were here for a while.


Update: Gavion was nice enough in comments to tell me that Understanding Warcraft Podcast went back to Casual Warcrafting. Its a good show and you should check it out.

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  1. Understanding warcraft changed back to casual warcrafting :D. Demand was extremely positive for us to bring back our original format. You can still find casual warcrafting on