Thursday, September 8, 2011

Why do Blood elves and Night evles have differnt mounts?

I was asked the question why do Blood elves and Night elves have different mounts by Bryterside on twitter. Honestly it is not a question I had given much thought too. But it is interesting so here is my best answer though I don’t claim any of its canon.

10,000 Years again was the War of the Ancients where the Highborne elves lead by Queen Azshara tried to use the Well of Eternity to bring Sargeras into Azeroth. While at this point all elves were basically the same, Highborne were your upper class/ruling class while those that we think of as Night Elves were mostly soldiers and commoners. There was some cross over but not much.

Seeing that Azshara was crazy Dath'Remar Sunstrider helped Tyrande Whisperwind escape Azshara dungeon thus earning the Highborne a pardon for saving Malfurion Stormrage’s future wife.

After the war some Highborne became druids while others secretly still practiced arcane magic. After almost blowing up Ashenvale Forest, Malfurion said. Listen kids if you want to blow yourselves up your not doing it here, and he exiled them.

So you’re asking me what the fuck does this have to do with Kitties and chocobos? If you go back to the War of the Ancients all the Nigh elves including Highborne are riding Night Sabers . The same mount used the Night elves today. So why Highborne /High Elves keep using cats, as mounts after there they got to Eastern Kingdom?

The simplest explanation might have been they had planed to but the Night Sabers were all lost in there crash landing in Tirisfal Glades. The site at least one of there boats crashed at can still be seen. The crash taken with the fact they were force out of there first settlement by some madness, no doubt left the High Elves short on resources.

That still doesn’t answer the question why no cats? With druids and skilled hunters in there ranks you would think that the High Elves could have been able to tame the local lynxes to server as mounts. My thought on this is that if you look at the trolls in the area you see they have catlords. The High Elves might have wanted to distances themselves from cats as mounts seeing them now tied to there cousins the Night Elves as well as there enemies the Trolls.

So where do you get a Hawkstrider? A Hawkstrider is part of the tallstrider family, but tallstriders aren’t native to Eastern Kingdoms. So once again go back to the exile of the Highborne. Logically if there are no Hawkstiders other than the ones the Blood Elves have it’s a good bet this might be a rare breed of tallstrider taken by the High Elves from Kalimdor to Eastern Kingdoms as part of there exile.

There are of course other possible reasons but lets go along this line of logic for a while. If you go to the Hunting trainer in Silvermoon you will see a large stuffed tallstrider. Where did it come from?
The best bet is the tallstriders which came with the High Elves to the Eastern Kingdoms were breed for color and shape much the same way dogs are. This gave the High elves a mount wholly different from that used by either there cousins or there enemies.

So, there you go Blood elves are still basically holding a grudge against all the kids that wronged them in high school, and thus will only drive Honda’s err ride Hawkstiders.


  1. Too bad Worgen couldn't be as bold in their choices.

  2. That is kinda the point of all this isn't it. I came of with a fairly realistic lore reason for something that has basically no lore and make fairly little sense in about 20 minutes, and took me about 40 more to take pictures and write this.

    If Blizzard wanted to have a man bore hog they could. There is just a lack of will.
    /shurg slackers gonna slack.