Thursday, August 25, 2011

Transmogrification Reactions

We are all creatures of the now what we have done in the past or will do in the future matters little because at a glace we can’t see the dept of the a person.

We are all shallow, and make snap judgments and World of Warcraft in no exception but now at least to some degree each of us will be given a limited ability or alter our gear of the most repent raiding patch with that of bygone times. I think that is a good thing. Are 90% of Paladins going to be running around in Tier 2? Most likely but what is wrong with that.

This change lets the both best and no doubt the worst of blizzard item art come to life. Sure there are going to be limits on grey items but you only need to quest through Outlands to get the horrible looking recolored Dungeon set. Maybe you want to mix your Northred viking gear with your Firelands gear all of this is now within your reach. I like to give my characters a nice fedora. Now I can do that no matter if it set piece or not.

Way back in the day blizzard used to say they wouldn’t add a feture unless they could make it there own. In my mind Transmogrification is cool because its new to World of Warcraft but compaired to Lotro or DCO this system is a shallow comparison. Sometimes its ok to give Malabo Stayie a new hat and that’s all it takes to make people interested but over the longer term I expect this will be something people come to hate more than love.

If Blizzard has giving up on many things there own can we get guild housing/personal housing? I don’t need a personal zeppelin or my own plot of land a simple instance area I or my Guild can call there own would be great. Hang my hat on the wall see my 100’s of non-combat pets messing up the place and big chair to call my own.

Or maybe its time to finally allow people to betray there faction because the limited visual cues you have about another players gear is gone really that red text is all you need if it’s a friendly Orc or an enemy Orc shouldn’t matter. I came up with a great system years ago to do this.

Make it happen Blizz you know people will love it at least as much as Panda’s.

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