Thursday, August 4, 2011

Dead Podcasts for July

We come once more and take stock of those that we have lost from the active rolls most of these have come due to inactively but we did have one proper ending this month.

The Video Channel Big Crits stop updating in February seems like they would like to come back at some point but no signs of that so far.

Andrew of Critical Damage put out a show on July 31, 2011 saying the would ending there show. Andrew has been a great support of my work with Wowpedia and I'm sad to see him leave the Podcast stage.

The Guild Podcast for Crusaders for NuTemple stopped updated in February I'm not sure why going though the website but always sad to see a podcast to go.

The Hotfix Podcast only made it two episodes both in February, some podcast just never make it off the ground and I'm glad they tried.

One of the returning themes I'm starting to see is Podcast that started up in the wake of Cataclysm that started up but didn't get very far. The WoW Chat Podcast is one of those that started in January and only had 4 episodes.

I do have a few others I'm keeping track of or have sent messages to that seem to be gone. If I haven't heard anything by next Month I'll move them to Podfade but I like to have hope they might come back.

As always the Wowpedia Podcast page can be found here. If you know of any other changes that need to be made let me or feel free to help out.

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  1. Not suprised about Critical Damage but big crits is a let down. GOod info Sayo