Tuesday, June 7, 2011

War of the Ancients Raid Patch Part 2

So last week, I talked about art from the Collectors edition of the DVD and what it might be showing us about the coming the War of the Ancients Raid Patch. Today I’m going to talk about the in game hints which Blizzard has been giving us.

People who have done Archeology in Kalimdor have no doubt come across a Night Elf site called the Ruins of Eldre'thar in Stonetalon Mountains. This is a new area with Cataclysm. It isn’t the area that makes it interesting, but rather who is there and what they are saying.
Allendril Fallcreek says: Illyanna, why do you spurn me? I would weave a web to catch the sun, if you were to ask me to do so!
Illyanna Stonewood says: Then why don't you go and do that? My friends and I have better things to do!
Allendril Fallcreek says: Oh, Illyanna, I love you!
Illyanna Stonewood says: Away from me, lowborn scum! Perhaps you did not notice my boot in your face the first time!
Allendril Fallcreek says: That was the greatest moment of my life...

Allendril Fallcreek says: Oh, Illyanna, your eyes, they are so beautiful.
Illyanna Stonewood says: Yes. They are even more beautiful without your reflection in them.
Allendril Fallcreek says: To hold you in my arms would be the fulfillment of my dreams. Come down from there, let us travel far away from here!
Illyanna Stonewood says: You go ahead and start your travels. I'll catch up with you right after I finish tending to my hair.

This first group of quotes seems to have a very Romeo and Juliet feel to them, she is even above him standing on and arch with some other highborne, but it doesn’t seem unreasonable that we might be seeing one or both of these characters in our WotA raid, perhaps turned to demons in some kind of larger Romulo and Julianne. It might just be joke, but I think its interesting to at least look at what is being setup here. If nothing else this shows the conflict between the Highborne, Azshara and her followers, those that would become High/Blood Elves and the Few unchanged Highbornes who have returned to the Night Elves of late. The first rule of storytelling is show don’t tell. This is showing the divide in cultures as it was 10,000 years ago.

Guardsman Belothiel says: By orders of the Queen, all possessions must be inspected before entry into the city is permitted.
Guardsman Belothiel says: Please show me your documents before proceeding.
Guardsman Belothiel says: Patience, patience. We will be with you shortly.

Here we have hint at where at last least some of the WotA Raid will take place. If you look at the map, the Ruins of Eldre'thar are right across the border from Desolace and the lost city of Sargeron. In the city of Sargeron, the followers of Elune have powerful gems with were said to have been given to them by the goddess herself. Is it this holy city’s ties to Elune that cause Azshara to limit travel here? If so, will we see its fall in the WotA raid?

Lady Benel'derath says: I heard Lord Xavius left today for his tower in Ashenvale.
Lord Ro'minate says: Oh? Do you think his promise of an even greater source of power will come true?
Lady Benel'derath says: As one of the greatest of the Highborne, he will succeed where others have failed.
Lord Ro'minate says: I'm still wary of the risks. While I agree that Malfurion and his dirt-loving brothers are quite mad, this Lord Sargeras must have another agenda.
Lady Benel'derath says: Shush! Quiet... before the others hear you.

If the name Xavius doesn’t mean anything to you that is understandable; he is a key player in the WotA novels, and makes a return in the Stormrage novels as the Nightmare Lord. Lucky for us, Malfurion learned the spirit bomb technique from King Kai while he was asleep so that he could defeat the Nightmare Lord (You think I’m joking? This is way closer to the truth than it should be). Xavius is also the father of all satyrs in Azeroth. What is interesting about this, is the mention of Xavius having a tower in Ashenvale. Now that would make sense that the WotA raid would largely take place in Kalimdor, granted, there is nothing saying it couldn’t be in Northrend or the Eastern Kingdoms, but from a story telling point of view, it easier to tell a story in a group of zones like Desolace, Ashenvale and Hijal that are all right against each other, than it would be in zones that are far apart.
So the question becomes what part of Ashenvale make sense? While Ashenvale is literally covered in Night Elf ruins, there is only one place that seems uniquely satyr, which is Satyrnaar. While there is nothing here today that looks like a tower the site is remote enough relative to Ruins of Eldre’thar that it would be of note to the people there. It would also be on the road back to Zan-Azshera assuming that part of the geography still holds. This location also makes sense because at the lowest point for the Night Elves and there allies, was when they were pushed to the edge of Mount Hyjal. If Xavius had a base nearby, it would make it much easier to work him into some kind of encounter. It was during this low point that Xavius fertilized the seed of jealously and resentment in Illidan that would result in Illidan’s betrayal.

Merchant Kendra says: Browse my wares to your heart's content! From the finest in enchantments, to the latest in fashion, you can find it all here.
Merchant Kendra says: I recommend you buy like there was no tomorrow. Who knows how long it will be until you find deals this good again.
Merchant Kendra says: All I'm saying is don't be caught dead in those outdated fashions!

This last one is most likely only a joke about the end of the world and Highborne vanity, but still kind of amusing, if Blizzard were going to unlock a few zones in the past in order to see the events we have talked about so far, there will no doubt need for vendors.

Until next week with part 3.


  1. Nice pic of Darnassus! Where did you find it?

  2. That is one of the official art pieces put by Blizzard I believe they used it as concept art when making the city. The Original can be found here.