Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Those that stand with Vol'jin

Whats this you say two updates in the Month and still no Podcast. Get to work...

Yeah sorry I'm working on not making the podcast the suck. Anyways. While you are waiting on that check this picture. Who are those four trolls who are standing with Vol'jin?
Its taken from 2minutes and 02 second into Cataclysm - Patch 4.1: Rise of the Zandalari

Who are the Two Male trolls on either side here? Been driving me crazy.

The Troll Female in middle is Zen'tabra she is best know for being the being the Druid trainer and the first troll druid you run into during Zalazane's Fall

The White haired Troll in the back is most likely Elder Torntusk leader of the Revantusk Tribe. The Revantusk are the only Forest Trolls still working with the Horde. If you been playing for a while you might have saved Elder Torntusk from Jintha'Alor a few times and if you did while they were still elites more power too you.

Both of these people make sense be been at this meeting of Trolls, but that still leaves us with the other two. I'll update this if I find answer but til then.


I got three ideas but I'm really not sure
First is Kontokanis he's an NPC from Dragonblight but is of no know importance. He's my guess for the fair left male.

Second is Krah'ranik for our mystery Troll in back. Krah'ranik is the member of the Shatterspear tribe is a group of trolls active in Darkshore. Before the Cataclysm this was dancing trolls.

The third troll guess is for the one on the far right is Tatai. Tatai is part of Horde Emissaries to Silvermoon. The main issue with this guy is first armor looks the wrong color but that is not a deal breaker. The second if you ever follow the Horde Emissaries around you find out real quick that Tatai is the stupid one. I find it hard to believe he would be on an important dipmatic mission but you never know. He might have well connect uncle or something.

Update 2:Added a second picture of the group moving away and I think we have a clear idea of the troll on the far right thanks to our friends over at Scrolls of Lore. Its Legati A rogue trainer. What the heck he is doing here I have no idea. But is a fun mystery.


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