Sunday, October 31, 2010

been reading

So one of the things I would like to at least keep some of my thoughts on are my first impressions of a book on finishing them. And I got a whole stack of notes I'm working on organizing but figured I would write out some quick thoughts on "The Shattering"

Its a good book. It really is by warcraft standards it is a great book. Like many of the more resent warcraft novels the book does feel like it has a check list of things to do but it does them without feeling contrived like Stormrage(which honestly had a much shorter list)

Item 1. Get Thrall out of Orgrimar
Item 2. Make Garrosh Hellscream Warchief
Item 3. Kill Cairne Bloodhoof
Item 4. Kill Magni Bronzebeard
Item 5. Make Anduin Wrynn intresting
Item 6. Get Thrall a Girlfriend.
Item 7. Set up the Cataclysm

Honestly feel there are few most things that might have been on the list but these are the big ones. Honestly the book is more about setting up the new political normal than it is setting up all the earth changing stuff. The biggest hit the book gives into the Cataclysm storyline is that the twilight cult is behind the attacks that cause the end of the truce between the Alliance and Horde.

In my mind the reason this book works so well is because everything has a good reason for what they do. Cairne challenges Garrosh to a battle to the death because Cairne thinks Garrosh is behind the attacks. While Garrosh is a hothead he is not an irrational hot head. As much as he has come to respect his father he doesn't want to be defined by his father. My biggest issue with the book is the meeting it Theramore between Baine Bloodhoof, Jaina Proudmoore, and Anduin Wrynn. Not to say it couldn't happen but only that by that point in the story it feels like your slowing the pace down. And other than killing some time in the novel and giving Baine the Dwarf mace. It just server as a wait to express some of the characters feelings in dialog rather than inner monologue. Its felt like they needed a way to tie the Alliance and the Horde story together. In that regard it works, but doesn't make it feel any less unnecessary.

Still great job of setting up the new normal. I look forward to the next book in the Cataclysm series if there is one. And if not just have to enjoy the game.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Ramping up

So, I have started prep work again on this podcast idea I Have. It seems to me that so much of the warcraft lore is not outside the game. And while a summory on wowwiki gives you the very basic information on whats in these books it still leaves you without a detailed account.

Reasearch is coming along nicely have detailed knows on two books already hope to get another done this weekend but kinda busy through next week. Now sure what my review order will be. Right now figure might as well start with order which books were published. But after I get my feet wet might change that up. overall format I'm thinking of Is Summery with important lore from the book, critics of its quality issues themes. And my overly all option of the maternal. Hoping to express my thoughts better in the podcast than I can through a written medium. We all have our limits.

So first 3 shows should be
1. Day of the Dragon
2. Lord of the Clans
3. Last Guardian

Which are really 3 of the best books out there. After than maybe do some Manga because I think that is a area where people really know next to nothing about or less so than the books.

When will shows start coming out. not sure I really would like to banks a few shows and get my feet under me before I get to deep into the weeds and struggling to keep up and keep my levels of reviews where I want them.

See how it goes. hope for the best fear for the worst.