Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Dispelling like its 2004

Thought I would put up a post to a thread of blue comments on the subject of dispells in Cata.

The note that really makes me think we are going back to the Bad old days of Dispells. is this. "We also recognize the challenge for magic-based controllers in PvP, say mages, to handle teams with druid healers and we might have to reconsider the druid ability to avoid Polymorph. We think it’s important for PvE reasons for all healers to be able to dispel magic however."

These are PVE changes and not PVP which means they already have plans in place and are not working to make all the classes fit those plans. I think its a great idea in principal, we all know this will change because of some silly pvp imbalance.

The class previews should give us some more insights but we really aren't going to know how weak or powerful this is going to make every class until we are neck deep in beta test which still looks to be a ways off. I wouldn't bet on seeing it untill after April.

On the the upside from the non healer point of view of my mage sounds like not much is changing.


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Decurse or not to Decurse

From the I was there man files we get news that healers dispells will be Changing with Cataclysm. I play Mage I have been helping dispell for a long time, and I enjoy the fact that I can help healers out. Fights like Lady Deathwisper the Curse of Torpor can really lock down players, the only classes that can removed it are Mages, Druids, and Restoration Shaman. That said I think I'm one of the few people that enjoy dispelling, and most people cry when they have to do it.

Well we have more of it coming. And healers its cleared aimed at our mana Pools. Blizzard has said for some time they aren't happy with current state of healers where most of the time we have a endless supply of mana. These changes to be suggest a return to raid wide debuffs which were so common in classic Warcraft. Will we have large numbers of raids failing to beat Lucifron 2.0 because they can't get there mages to decurse.

Will we have fights like Chromaggus where if a single debuff is left up it spells doom to the raid?

Maybe it will be more interesting this time. I don't have a problem with set in and forget it kinda of spell or some of the dps and tanking specs losing there abilities to dispell from a PVP point of view. But I do worry about debuffs that are applied raid wide so fast as to not allow healers to do anything else. You think healing is tiresome now. Just wait.

Time to play the waiting game...the waiting game is stupid lets go play Hungry Hungry Hippos.