Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Why the Horde works

Many people wonder why the Horde stays together even though the goals of the different races are also as different as said races. I think Key can be found in Christie Goldens book Rise of the Horde

Quoting Thrall on page 99 start of Charcter 6

The Lessons from that time were bitter, bought with blood and death and torment. But ironically, the thing that nearly destroyed us was the thing that would redeem us later: a sense of unity. Each Clan was loyal to itself, fiercely dedicated to its members, but not to the others. What we united under, and against was dreadfully wrong, and for that, we are atoning still. Generations after me will still pay for those mistakes. But the unity itself was glorious. And it is that lesson I wish to recover from the ashes. It is that lesson that caused me to speak with the leaders of so many seemingly different peoples, to work together towards goals we can all be proud of.

Unity. Harmony. That is good lesson of the past. I have learned it well.

What this shows in my mind. Is that Thrall knows full well that undead and orcs don't agree on a great many things but like the Orc clans of old they have enough in common that they can get a lot. But more than that he wishes to make all the races of the Horde see that in unity they are a much best and stronger group than any one race alone. Even the Orcs.

But sometimes you don't realize how good you have it. Until you lose it. I think part of the reason to put Garrosh Hellscream in charge of the Horde is not only to increase the conflict but also set up the return of Thrall. Only this time the Orcs will understand what Thrall brings them.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Epic quest of Whaaaa...

I'm working on Loremaster achievement on my Troll Mage and just getting around to hitting Stranglethrone Vale. Its an amazing thing how much of questing in the zone has changed since I first did it on my Dwarf hunter so many years ago. From the number of waves of gorillas you have to fight on the Stranglethron Fever quest line. To fact that all those old elite Orges and Murlocks have had there teeth pulled and are now quite manageable.

But what hasn't changed is how terrible the Yenniku quest line ends. This kid is generally assumed to be Son of Vol'jin. Now other than popping kegs and advising Thrall Vol'jin doesn't have much to do. The Yenniku quest line is great you are beheading trolls then putting those heads in a pot to make them talk to you from the dead. Naturally they take this kinda personally and want revenge before they will help you out. Its a very troll quest line.

You have to fight your way throw a cave of Orges to gain the on Item that can save him. And when use go to use that item. Do you have to dps him down to a certain level before it will work? Nope. Well what about waves and waves of adds? Nope. So what your telling is you basically walk up to him click on an item and then he turns good? Yeah that is about it. Well you at least have to bring him back to Grom'gosh to be reunited with this Father? Nope just stands there.

You would think with all the Troll instances in World of Warcraft They would have world this storyline into one of them gotten Vol'jin more involved in story of the game. If you look at the story of Magni Bronzebeard for both Horde and Alliance. It takes you into Blackrock Depths and makes you do something very odd. Not kill a boss. Makes you wonder what could have been. Also quick side note if I was putting together a list of Alliance faction leaders I thought would die soon. Magni would be at the top.

I know Operation Echo Isles is going to be fun and It will be nice for the Trolls to get there own faction area. Its my hope that Yenniku isn't over looked during this change over.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Blogging with a bit of Dyslexicia

I like to write at a high quality. However its something I simply can’t do on my own, at least not at a high quality. My issue is I’m a lot dyslexic. I make mistakes when typing is simply do not see. I know this is true for all writers to some extent. But anyone that follows my twitter will no doubt. Have notice some days I can’t write something with out a 140 character in it without three or four typos.

I mix up words, like very and never. I forget letters I will often not put the ‘r’ at the end of your. I tend to steal the last letter of the word before and use it for the next world.

Why am I tell you all this. Well I want to write more, but I want to explain why sometimes when I first post something it might not be the best article you have ever read. I will try to have good idea that can shine through my failboat writing. I ask for you understanding. Because part of why I write this blog and do the podcast someday. God willing I find the time.

Of late my own personal blog hasn’t been driving me to write hope to start updating here a lot more often now that I have explained and will most likely again in the future why I’m just not that great of a writer. But lack of skill should never be a reason not to seek self improvement. At least that is what I keep telling myself.