Monday, February 22, 2010

Stormrage the preview

Finished reading the newest Warcraft Novel Stormrage yesterday and here is my spoiler Free review. Longer spoiler filled review will be coming when I can spend some time editing it. But its late and I can't sleep so why not show off my poor writing skills.

I really wanted to be positive about the book I found it very engaging and it did keep my attention. Two things a bad book doesn't do even some good ones. But on a whole I keep finding myself being forced to reread sections to figure out what was going on. This is because much of the book takes place in the Emerald Dream but even when the action is set on Azeroth the action seems just as mixed up. A chapter would stop then the next one would start in a confused version of the sense that has must pasted.

The pacing of the first two hundred pages are slow. Granted many books start out slow but I don't think that was the authors intent was to create a slow burn rather the main story just goes on and on and on with very little happening. Just one series of events after anther that serve little propose other than introduce characters that will get little use later.

The second half the book is confused by to much going on. Some chapters have three very different stories but often unimportant senses taking place side by side. It takes you out of the book to see this. Much of the action of the second half could have been told in epilogue allowing for a much a more focused story. And you can only say \and this will be end everything\ so many times before you just look pasted it and see what the heroes do to save the day.

And the ending not going to say what happens but is not a epilogue and that is all I will say about that in this review.

It is a fairly quick read and I honestly didn't feel I missed much in those things that were confused just on, \stuff happen\ hey look its the plot, time to start reading again. If you really like the Alliance, Night Elves, Malfurion Stormrage, Tyrande Whisperwind, and Varian Wrynn. You will most likely be glad you read this. If not feel free to pass on it.

"Stuff happens" Malfurions back.